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#include <stdio.h> int counter; int factorial = 1; int number; int main(int argc, char** argv) { number = atoi(argv[1]); for (counter = 1; counter <= number; counter++) { factorial = factorial * counter; } printf( The factorial of %d is %d\n, number, factorial); return(0); }
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The easiest way to back up the DHCP registry key is to export the key from the Registry Editor. Open the Registry Editor, select the key, and export it to the same backup location as the other DHCP backup les.
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where NF, is the noise figure of the nth stage and G, is the power gain of the nth stage under the conditions of matching provided by the preceding and following stages. This is an important point, as the NF, is a critical function of the output impedance of the preceding stage, ROUT(n_1). The overall noise figure of a cascade amplifier such as this for highly integrated designs is fundamentally limited by the noise figure of the first stage, as long as the gain of the first stage is large enough to minimize the noise figure contributions of subsequent stages. Those subsequent stages may then be optimized for gain as needed, and not depend too much on an optimal noise match to achieve the noise figure. The detailed discussion above concerning the optimum source impedance for minimum noise figure is critically traded off with the requirement for good input impedance match for conjugate power transfer as well as for proper termination of the filter preceding the LNA and its low ripple passband characteristics. It is rarely the case that optimum noise matching corresponds to the conjugate match condition for power transfer, and it is certainly possible to have a great noise figure with a very large input power mismatch and small amplifier gain. To match the input of the device for a given power level and device size, whether for optimum noise figure or power gain, there are matching techniques specifically for CMOS LNAs. First, to match impedance of any given level to an arbitrary impedance of a second value, important techniques of reactance transformation need to be discussed. For any given series impedance, a narrowband equivalent, parallel impedance may be synthesized and vice versa as shown in Figure 9.20. The relationship between these two equivalent topologies for a narrowband centered around a given frequency is Rs +jXs
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Wireless Communications
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The pTitleCase function does not take into consideration surnames with nonstandard capitalization, such as McDonald, VanCamp, or de Jonge. It would be inadequate to hardcode a list of exceptions. Perhaps the best solution is to store a list of exception phrases (Mc, Van, de, and so on) in an easily updateable list. Go to www.isnotnull.com to see whether I ve updated the function, or if you d like to submit further enhancements. The code for the pTitleCase user-defined function can be downloaded from www.SQLServerBible.com.
The Computer and User Configuration objects.
This chapter shows how to identify the Flaw of Averages before it occurs by understanding your options and restrictions. 13 Mindle 5: Interrelated Uncertainties Interrelated uncertainties are at the heart of modern portfolio theory. They are best understood in terms of scatter plots. 98
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