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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Working with Library Features
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Showing mates in the PropertyManager pane
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Naming the root
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Step 3
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Transmit bit stream
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Figure 22-16: Thanks to deep Windows Live integration, you can get notifications on the
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Figure 46-12: Add groups to a table using the Grouping and Sorting Properties window.
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to do this Utilize the Restore Computer feature located in the Backup and Restore Center in the System and Maintenance section of the Control Panel menu to select a specific restore point. Doing so returns your computer to the designated performance level. You might want to take advantage of this feature if you install a program that negatively affects your computer s performance levels, or if you come into contact with a corrupt file that wreaks havoc on your PC s performance.
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In Figure 4.13, the first centerpoint has already been referenced, and the cursor is trying to find the centerpoint of the other end of the slot.
Linear combination of antenna signals.
Process capability = 6
Note: The values listed in this table are approximately correct.
If Web Service methods were guaranteed to work at all times, you wouldn't need any form of error notification or processing capabilities. Unfortunately, things can go wrong (and often do). As such, errors or exceptions that occur in a Web Service method call need to be communicated back to the consumer of the Web Service in some manner. This is where SOAP exceptions come into play. They're used to return error or exception information to the consumer of a Web Service as the result of a failed method call. Note The SOAP specification uses the term faults rather than exceptions. This chapter uses the latter to maintain consistency with the terminology used within the .NET Framework classes and documentation. This terminology is also reflected in the SOAP classes within .NET.
DCI in various DCI message formats 1 1A 1B 1C 1D 2 (2) (2) (2) 2A (2) (2) (2)
Notice the -> symbol after the Equations folder in the Assembly FeatureManager. This means that there is an external or in-context reference. An external reference means that an aspect of the part is dependent upon something outside of the part. This has file management implications because you must maintain the names of the files so that they always recognize the other file involved in the external relation. In-context means that one part has a relation to another part in positions determined by an assembly. So in this case, the in-context external reference can only be solved if the original part, the referenced part, and the assembly where the relationship was created are all open at the same time.
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