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' which inherits all of the Contact class ' methods and properties Dim emp As New Employee() ' set properties emp.FirstName = "Luke" emp.LastName = "Skywalker" emp.Salary = 30000.5 emp.SSN = "111-11-1111" emp.Email = "Test@msn.com" MessageBox.Show(emp.Save()) ' Returns "Employee Saved" ' Console.WriteLine(emp.NameLo) ' Returns luke skywalker Console.WriteLine(emp.NameHi) ' Returns LUKE SKYWALKER Console.WriteLine(emp.NameProper) ' Returns Luke Skywalker Console.WriteLine(emp.Salary) ' Returns 30000.5 Console.WriteLine(emp.SSN) ' Returns 111-11-1111 ' Create an instance on the Customer class ' which inherits all of the Contact class ' methods and properties Dim cust As New Customer() cust.Category = "Buyer" cust.FirstName = "Jabba" cust.LastName = "The Hut" ' Console.WriteLine(cust.NameLo) ' Returns jabba the hut
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3.4. Mathematical Tools
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White balance is covered in detail in 2.
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Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
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Without the dollar sign the shell interprets the variable name as a normal text string, which is probably not what you wanted.
Bearer capability. Mandatory in direction MS ! MSC; optional in the other direction. This is a compound IE, which includes several information items, for example: Radio channel requirement (full rate, half rate). Information transfer capability (speech, unrestricted digital information, 3.1-kHz audio, group 3 facsimile). Called party address. Mandatory in direction MS ! MSC; optional in the other direction. Calling party address. Optional in both directions. Called and calling party subaddresses. Optional in both directions. High- and low-layer compatibility. Optional in both directions. User user information. Optional in both directions.
Understanding mobile messaging Using the Messaging application Sending text and photo messages
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