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The with encryption option is another simulated security feature. When views or stored procedures are created, the text is stored in the SysComments system table. The code is therefore available for viewing. The view may contain a where condition that should be kept confidential, or there may be some other reason for encrypting the code. The with encryption option encrypts the code in SysComments and prevents anyone from viewing the original code. In the following code example, the text of the view is inspected within SysComments, the view is encrypted, and SysComments is again inspected (as you would expect, the select statement for the view is then no longer readable):
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FigurE 13-19: Now, that s going to require some thought.
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1.E 01 1.E 01 sp, L p Absorption length L (cm)
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Phantom Menace</li> The Attack of the Clones</li> Revenge of the Sith</li> A New Hope</li> Empire Strikes Back</li> Return of the Jedi</li>
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To find Ck, (t), we need to substitute *(r, t) in terms of the expansion (Eq. 4.62) into the Schr6dinger equation (Eq. 4.60). The probability that the electron emerges in a new stake k' after interaction with the perturbing Hamiltonian for a time t, and the corresponding transition rate are, respectively p(k = k')
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The Smart Fasteners with Hole Series is a function that you should be careful with. It is very effective, but it may cost you some performance (speed). The Hole Series is an assembly feature that drives several in-context features, and then parts are mated to those in-context features (fasteners).
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Figure 21.2-1. Example of a H.323 network.
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t y ( t ) y *(t) d t } =
By default, Windows Media Player displays the Music library, since most people use Windows Media Player to play music. You ll notice that the breadcrumb bar to the right of the Library button lets you dive into your media library in various ways. For example, by default, an All Music view of your media library displays your music content organized by artists, albums, and songs, but you can change this view by clicking on the various nodes in the breadcrumb bar. Say you wanted to view just the albums, and not the individual songs. To do so, click the arrow to the right of Music in the breadcrumb bar and select Album, as shown in Figure 11-8.
Figure 4.5.7 Distributions of energy deposition for photons of 8 keV, 17 keV and 22 keV, entering a silicon detector at the angle of 0, 5, 10 and 15 . Reported from Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., Sect. A 442 (2000) 348, with permission from Elsevier Science
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t(a + 3b + 3e + d)
Replace Face
Rich s Take: Be sure to date your story
Controlling dimensions with configurations is simple. You need only three things to start: one dimension and two configurations. Because you already know how to create these elements, you are ready to start. Configurations require that you spend some time developing design intent for parts. Configurations drive changes in models, and if they are improperly modeled, then configurations will cause feature or sketch failures. I will start with the example of a simple block. A fully dimensioned block has three dimensions. Make sure that you have manually created at least two configurations. Double-clicking the model brings up all of the dimensions, and double-clicking one of the dimensions brings up the familiar Modify dialog box. Or almost familiar, I should say; Figure 10.7 shows that there is a small difference in the new Modify dialog box. It now has a drop-down list where you can specify whether this change applies only to this config, to all configs, or to specified configs. If you select specified configs, then the dialog box on the right in Figure 10.7 appears, where you can select which configs this dimension change applies to.
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