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UDP Datagram or TCP Segment IPv4 Datagram Ethernet Payload 46-1500 Octets
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You can show dimension names as a part of the dimension itself; choose View Dimension Names and select the option. It s also helpful to know the FeatureManager Filter filters dimension names, which makes named dimensions easy to find. Figure 9.3 shows the filter displaying features and sketches that contain a dimension containing the filtered word height. Other filtered words display in tool tips, but dimension names appear not to. n
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While the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is primarily designed to help users of previous Windows versions discover whether their PC can be upgraded successfully to Windows 7, it also has a secret second use: it can be run on Windows 7 and used to determine whether your PC is able to run a more capable (and more expensive) version of Windows 7.
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The Internet and, especially, the Web remain both hot topics and open issues. As part of the government s initiatives in telecom reform, Congress passed the Communications Decency Act (CDA) in February 1996. That act provided for sentences up to two years and levies of nes up to $250,000 for those who made indecent or offensive material available to minors on the Internet. Not only were the creators of such content liable, but also the Information Service Providers (e.g., America OnLine, CompuServe, and Prodigy). A number of coalitions and groups led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) challenged the law. A panel of federal judges struck down the CDA in June 1996, citing violation of free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the
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Implementing SolidWorks
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< php phpinfo(); >
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TABLE 13.1 A Comparison of Power Measurement Uncertainty Speci cation PSA E4440 8586E
Things to forget: STANDARD DEVIATION, SIGMA, VARIANCE, and Use the phrase degree of variation instead of any of these, but then back it up with the percentiles of the distribution.
Channel Coding and Information Theory
Using Masters
Figure 34-2: The HTMLAnchor control where the href attribute is set at runtime As stated in previous chapters, you can tell right away that this simple page is constructed quite differently from the way it would be constructed in ASP 3.0. First of all, there are no delimiters. Instead of traditional <% tags that enclosed ASP code, you now define all your server-side code within <script> tags. Within the script tag itself you
6. Click OK.
Figure 7.16. The Add or remove a program window keeps any updates separate for other applications.
ever, a lot of skill in reading waveforms to achieve any quantitative correlation with standard EMC tests is required. When using an oscilloscope to measure waveforms, one must recognize that measurement error may occur (the small difference between two measured values). An easy test is available to determine measurement error. This test is to short the oscilloscope probe ground to the oscilloscope probe tip. Now move the probe near the area being measured. The measurement environment, as observed by the loop of the ground wire to the center pin (acting as a single-turn loop antenna), may indicate radiated noise generated in the loop antenna. If the radiated noise is nearly the same level as direct connection to the circuit, the loop area of the ground lead may be the source of error. The test environment is made up of the probe body (in some expensive probes), the probe interconnect cable, and the oscilloscope environment. Items to remember when using an oscilloscope probe to measure waveforms or EMI include the following: 1. Keep the probe ground wire as short as possible as this minimizes formation of a loop antenna from picking up unwanted noise. 2. Use an integrated damping resistor internal to the probe as this prevents damage to the oscilloscope as well as minimizes ringing that may be present. 3. Always consider the impact of the probe s impedance on the circuit performance as this prevents waveform degradation and ensures optimal signal integrity of the transmission line. Any EMI sniffer or E- or H-field probe can be connected to an oscilloscope if 50- termination is applied at the scope s input by either selecting the 50- -termination option or providing an external 50- through terminator to the input connector. Standard high-impedance voltage probes can also be connected to signal and data conductors, not AC mains (see warning below). Voltage probes can measure both common- and differential-mode noise within circuits. Depending on the common- and differential-mode impedance of the test environment, making comparisons to actual test levels is difficult unless a CDN (coupling/decoupling network) is used to provide a proper fixed impedance value. The following diagnostic test requires the use of two probes and a two-channel oscilloscope. For common-mode measurements all conductors in a signal or data cable, including signal returns, should be probed and their channels summed in phase (A + B). Differential-mode measurements on conductors should be probed and their channels subtracted (A B). The ground leads for the probes should not be connected to anything (left floating). Common-mode measurements tend to suffer from high levels of AC mains frequency. This can be reduced by using high-pass filters with good rejection at the AC mains frequency. Attenuation for higher frequencies to be measured is minimized. Sometimes, ferrite chokes on the probe or mains lead to the oscilloscope can help reduce high-frequency common-mode interference. When connecting a scope probe to a LISN or CDN output connector or to an AC mains voltage probe, high levels of AC mains frequency can once again be a prob-
make all rst-layer domains under the root represent geographical, geopolitical, or departmental divisions. The second and third layers would then extend down into the division, as shown in Figure 19-6.
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