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Using Hole Wizard and Toolbox
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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The parameters are the same as those for adding a text column, except that the last parameter identifies the column used to specify the blob document type. SQL Server includes Bulk Image Insert or BII.exe, a modified version of the Bulk Copy Program that initializes the blob files and loads them into SQL Server. It s zipped in the file unzip_util.zip in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\DevTools\ Samples\utils directory. Once unzipped, it creates the bii subdirectory and unzips the utility files. The Bulk Image Insert utility copies data from a text file into SQL Server. The text file must be semicolon-delimited (despite the documentation s claim that it must be comma-delimited). Within the text file, an at sign (@) indicates the blob name.
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FSUTIL NTFSINFO VOLUMEINFO C: MOUNTVOL.EXE is a command-line tool used for volume mounting
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TV-out: Sets the formatting used, if an external television connection is used
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Many system administrators now consider the Ping program a network vulnerability and block ping requests on their servers. Don t be too surprised if you try to ping a server and don t get a response.
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Cut With Surface
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User Interface Design
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If you re using the book example, enter the links as shown to the right.
Booting off the mirror can then be accomplished with this command:
When you boot a system with the default inittab configuration, it will first run the /sbin/rc2 script and then /sbin/rc3. Most processes are started through /sbin/rc2. You can change run states at any time with the init command. The init 0 command is the proper way to shut down a system, but you should warn users local users and those who may be using shared file systems. You can change the default run state if you have good reason. You can add your own scripts to start and stop application processes during boot-up and shutdown operations. Proper startup and shutdown operations are critical to the operation of certain applications. Start/stop scripts should all have the same basic format. Follow the coding guidelines in this chapter to keep your scripts from aborting and to allow their use during boot-up or normal operations.
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where D is the period of grooves, i grazing angle of incidence, e exit angle, m and p the spectral order of the Bragg re ection and grating diffraction. A laminar grating with a 1200 grooves/mm and a 39-nm groove depth coated with a Pt/C (d = 5 nm, N = 10) multilayer was fabricated and evaluated with characteristic X-rays.30 The dispersion measurement was performed with a charge-coupled device detector. The rst order peak re ectivity and resolution were obtained to be 30 % and more than 100 for Cu K respectively, as shown in Figure 3.1.18.
lens in the Sony lineup. It is the only lens to incorporate Smooth Transition Focus (STF). The STF lets the subject of your photo stay in sharp focus, while the out of focus backgrounds or foregrounds are blurred smoothly and, more importantly, with a gradation that
FigurE 4-7: The People hub.
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