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You can also inherit from the TraceListener base class, and create your own custom listener. For example, you can establish a program in a monitoring station that receives trace information from a program running on a server. The server-side program can utilize a custom listener that directs the trace output to the monitoring application by using a TCP stream over the network. This is demonstrated by the sample in Listing 181. Listing 18-1: Creating a Custom TCP TraceListener Sample
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Notebook computers are a bit of a different animal than desktops when it comes to power issues. First of all, the power source may be AC wall power, but it may also be battery power, meaning that the need for battery backup goes away the battery backup s already there. Second, given that notebook computers use a lot less power than desktop units, internal power supply failures are less likely on notebooks. I ve had over a dozen notebook PCs over the past 15 years, and I ve never seen an internal power supply go bad. The notebook computer power issues that do deserve a few moments of your time are extra batteries, portable battery chargers, and international voltage conversion adapters.
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Figure P.1
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Compared with conventional switch-based services, the SCP-based AIN services can be designed with much more exibility. In the rst place, the service creation environment (SCE) systems usually allow the telecom to de ne services that take into account the calling line which is identi ed by UserID (Par.1), CallingPartyID (Par.7), or ChargeNumber (Par.8) in all messages of the request instructions family and the time-of-day and day-of-week that the call is made. Caller interaction also increases the exibility of services. In the rst place, services can be designed such that the calling party can select a particular option from a service menu. Moreover, a service can be made available to authorized callers only, by requiring the caller to enter a telecom-provided authorization code, which is checked by SCP. This section outlines a number of services that can be implemented with the triggers, messages, and parameters that have been discussed in this chapter [20]. The examples have been chosen as illustrations for the uses of the various trigger types and messages, and regardless of their availability in U.S. networks. They are grouped into a number of categories (call management, number translation, etc.). 17.7.1 AIN Outgoing Call Management Outgoing call management services enable residential and business customers to restrict the calls made on their lines. Some exchange-based features of this nature are already in existence. As an example, a customer can specify that calls to 900/ 976 numbers are to be blocked. The service is in exible in that all 900/976 calls are either blocked or allowed.
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First, all bbPress themes go into the bb-templates/ directory. bbPress does not support child themes directly, but if you wish to use the stylesheet from your WordPress install, you can do so with the import keyword in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You can read up on how to use this rule at Using the @import rule, you can simply add the relevant CSS to your master stylesheet. Because much of bbPress is not documented, there is some learning curve. Table 23.2 lists key template files and their purpose.
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drop-down menu to select when you would like to be notified of your upcoming appointment. You can choose to be reminded a few minutes prior to the meeting or you may choose to be reminded several days (or weeks) in advance.
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Wireless Internet and E-commerce
N THE EARLY, tender years of television development, few people understood the difference between storage and nonstorage in a pick-up tube, and some of the early experimenters simply ignored the necessity for light storage in their pickup devices, which would have made them compatible with real-world lighting conditions. They were content to light their scenes (which were frequently motion picture films) with high-powered arc lamps. One of these experimenters was a young man by the name of Philo Farnsworth (Figure 6.1), who at the age of 14 is credited with having invented the (nonstorage) image dissector tube. He received much praise for his perception of an electronic method of scanning that would eliminate the pesky Nipkow scanning wheel. As the story goes, on a blackboard in his Rigby, Utah high school in 1922, the 14-year-old boy sketched out the idea of an electronic tube that would convert a light image into an equivalent electronic charge image in which electron density would substitute for scene brightness. The electrons would be subject to electromagnetic forces for scanning, thus eliminating the need for mechanical scanning. Farnsworth s high school chemistry teacher, Justin Tolman, verified the concept of how such a tube might work and was as greatly impressed with his student as he was with the idea of the tube. Although not yet trained at any serious level of science, Farnsworth seems to have been a natural genius in the world of physics. The tube, which he specifically described as an image dissector, is without question the very first demonstrable, electronically scanned camera tube. It is simple to make and can produce beautiful pictures if given enough light. The tube is useful for
The need for surfaces
QoS Provisioning for 802.11 Home Wireless Networks
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FIGURE 11.27
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