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Trim Audio Clips
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Using Blocks
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( BWRF or LO ) relative = f fC = 2640 [(8976 + 6336) 2 ] = 34.48%.
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Separate parts are better for:
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Calibration training should be a basic skill for CPOs, says Hubbard. More importantly, the CPO needs to understand how to certify others as calibrated estimators as well. So suppose that you haven t been calibrated yet. Does that mean you should just keep on using single numbers instead of distributions of uncertainties Heck, no.
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20: Browsing the Web
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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The exclusive or bitwise operator, the carat (^), returns a value of true if either input is true, but not if both are true. Using it is the same as or ing two and s, each with a not on one input. While that s simple to build in digital electronics, in code the operator is much easier to use, as shown here:
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Fig. 6.36
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Figure courtesy of Edelman.
$ld o cpuid cpuid.o $ ls -al cpuid -rwxr-xr-x 1 rich rich 663 2008-11-13 19:53 cpuid $ ./cpuid The processor Vendor ID is GenuineIntel $
Downloading Vista modem or network interface drivers
Part II: The New and Improved Windows 7 User Experience
Editing existing mates
When we discuss PC power, we re really talking about two things: a power source and a power supply. The power source is typically either an AC outlet, either with or without a battery backup unit as helpful intermediary, or a notebook computer s portable battery. The power supply is the silver metal box inside the PC that takes AC power in and converts it to regulated DC volts that go to the motherboard and to other internal components. Starting at the source, it s a good idea to make sure any AC outlet into which you plan to connect a computer has been wired correctly by the installing electrician. You can do this simply and cheaply by buying an outlet tester for five bucks from Radio Shack. This little gizmo (see Figure 8.1) plugs into an AC outlet and two or three LED lights report on any wiring problems if they exist. Call an electrician, if you re not one, to fix the problems. You can improve the power source that your PC sees by installing a battery backup unit with surge suppression (which blocks voltage spikes from getting to your PC) and line filtering (which smoothes out the power curve). I always recommend that you get one that not only provides power to your PC during a brownout, but also includes the suppression and filtering characteristics (cheaper ones don t). The battery feature of a battery backup unit is what lets you run a desktop PC for a few minutes when the AC power goes away. A battery stores DC power, however, so these units actually contain an AC-to-DC converter for charging the battery, and a DC-to-AC converter for delivering AC power from the DC battery. Battery backup units are heavy and moderately expensive, in the ballpark of $100 to $200 these days depending on the PC you have and how you ve tricked it out with add-in boards, memory, and other options. (Pick one of these units up and you gain an understanding of why electric cars haven t ever become popular, despite their near-zero pollution output.) They typically last three to four years, although newer units let you replace the battery component separately for a small degree of cost savings.
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