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On the left of every Windows Explorer window is an area called the Navigation pane, shown in Figure 4-64. This pane features a list of favorite shell locations (like Desktop, Downloads, and Recent Places), a list of Libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos), Homegroup locations, Computer locations, and Network locations. You can add locations to the Favorites list by dragging them in from the display pane.
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Smart Fasteners
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n Update out-of-date linked design tables to: The options are Prompt, Model, and Excel File. This setting refers to linked design tables in two situations: design tables on drawings linked to model tables, and external design tables linked to the model. n Automatically generate names for referenced geometry: When you turn this option on, it creates names for geometry used in mates, and thus requires write access to the parts being mated. The default setting is off, which is best unless you plan to replace parts using named entities. Naming is done through the Properties for each entity, such as face, edge, vertex, and so on. n Update component names when documents are replaced: This option should remain with the default setting (on) unless you use Component Properties to assign names to parts that are to be used in the assembly tree. n Do not create references external to the model: This option applies to in-context references such as converted edges and feature end conditions. When you select this option, offset or converted sketch entities will be created without relations, and extrude up to features and offset surfaces will be created with broken references.
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Security and Active Directory
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Alessandrello, A., Beeman, J. W., Brofferio, C., Cremonesi, O., Fiorini, E., Giuliani, A., Haller, E. E., Monfardini, A., Nucciotti, A., Pavan, M., Pessina, G., Previtali, E. and Zanotti, L., High energy resolution bolometers for nuclear physics and X-ray spectroscopy. Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 513 (1999). Beeman, J., Silver, E., Bandler, S., Schnopper, H., Murray, S., Madden, N., Landis, D., Haller, E. E. and Barbera, M., The constellation-x focal plane microcalorimeter array: An ntdgermanium solution. AIP Conf. Proc. 605, 211 (2002). Benford, D. J., Ames, T. A., Chervenak, J. A., Grossman, E. N., Irwin, K. D., Khan, S. A., Maffei, B., Moseley, S. H., Pajot, F., Phillips, T. G., Renault, J.-C., Reintsema, C. D., Rioux, C., Shafer, R. A., Staguhn, J. G., Vastel, C. and Voellmer, G. M., First astronomical use of multiplexed transition edge bolometers. AIP Conf. Proc. 605, 589 (2002). Bergmann Tiest, W., Hoevers, H. F. C., Mels, W. A., Ridder, M. L., Bruijn, M. P., de Korte, P. A. J. and Huber, M. E., Performance of X-ray microcalorimeters with an energy resolution below 4.5 eV and 100 s response time. AIP Conf. Proc. 605, 199 (2002a). Bergmann Tiest, W., Bruijn, M., Krouwer, E., Mels, W., Ridder, M. and Hoevers, H., Microcalorimeter performance:
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FIGURE 17-13 A user object (account) on an Active Directory local domain. There is a direct connection between the Active Directory domain and the DNS domain.
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The DNA of Supply Chains The inventory problem introduced in 1 is at the heart of all supply chains. A Supply Chain of DNA When stocking out is not an option. Cawlfield s Principle A manager at Olin creates a simulation to get two divisions of his organization to work as a team and discovers a general principle in the process.
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Email Header Manipulation SMTP Command Injection Finding SMTP Injection Flaws Preventing SMTP Injection
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4: Creating Simple Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings
FIGURE B.55 The Balloon options are representative of other annotation type options.
n Last in first out. When a mate is added that causes warning and error signs to appear throughout the design tree, you can usually correct the problem by removing this last mate. n Single elimination. If you are sure that the last mate added is correct, then you may want to go backwards up the tree starting at the bottom, suppressing individual mates until you find one that causes the warning and error signs to disappear from the tree. n Single addition. It may be easier to take the opposite approach, by suppressing all but the mates that you are sure of, and then gradually unsuppressing mates until the conflict reappears. n Suppress a part. With all of the mates active, try suppressing an individual part to see if this makes a difference. If it does, then unsuppress the part and look at the mates for that part in the Mates folder under the part. n Mate Xpert. The Mate Xpert is an automated routine that creates subsets of groups of conflicting mates. Each subset of mates has one mate that is not satisfied because of the conflict. This may help you to find the cause of the conflict. Figure 13.22 shows the Mate Xpert interface. You can access the Mate Xpert from the right-mouse button menu on mates with errors.
Let s be realistic. If you re a parent, it s up to you, not the government or the stores, to determine what games your children play. The ESRB slaps a big rating on every game, along with content descriptors that indicate what kinds of possibly objectionable material the game might contain (violence, blood, gore, nudity, and so on). There is no reason for a parent to buy a kid the game he wants, only to be startled when the parent sees that game on the six o clock news being vilified by Joe Lieberman. Parents: learn the ratings. Read the boxes. Do some research. And use the parental controls!
When Apple switched its desirable Macintosh computers from the aging Power PC architecture to Intel s PC-compatible x86 platform in 2006, the computing landscape was changed forever. No longer were PCs and Macs incompatible at a very low level. Indeed, Macs are now simply PCs running a different operating system. This fascinating change opened up the possibility of Mac users running Windows software natively on their machines, either in a dual-boot scenario or, perhaps, in a virtualized environment that would offer much better performance than the Power PC based virtualized environments of the past. These dreams quickly became reality. Apple created software called Boot Camp that now enables Mac users to dual-boot between Mac OS X (Leopard or higher) and Windows XP, Vista, or 7. And enterprising tech pioneers such as VMware and Parallels have created seamless virtualization environments for Mac OS X that enable Mac users to run popular Windows applications alongside Mac-only software such as iLife. Now consumers can choose a best-of-both-worlds solution that combines Apple s highly regarded (if expensive) hardware with the compatibility and software-library depth of Windows. Indeed, Paul has been using an Apple notebook running Windows 7 ever since Microsoft s latest operating system shipped in early beta form. The differences between these two types of Windows-on-Mac solutions are important to understand. If you choose to dual-boot between Mac OS X and Windows using Boot Camp, you have the advantage of running each system with the complete power of the underlying hardware. However, you can access only one OS at a time, and you need to reboot the Mac in order to access the other. With a virtualized environment running under Mac OS X, you have the advantage of running Mac OS X and Windows applications side by side, but with a performance penalty. In this situation, Mac OS X is considered the host OS, and Windows is a guest OS running on top of Mac OS X. (This works much like Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode, which we document in 3.) Thus, Windows applications won t run at full speed. With enough RAM, you won t notice any huge performance issues while utilizing productivity applications, but you can t run Windows games effectively with such a setup. Note, too, that the Windows 7 Aero user experience is not available in today s virtualized environments, so you would have to settle for Windows 7 Basic instead.
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