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If the scheme by which the bodies are split changes in such a way that additional bodies are created, the Split feature may fail and need to be redefined. When this happens, the parts that were previously created will be overwritten. If features of the detail parts have been created within those files, then they will be overwritten as well. As mentioned earlier, the best workaround for this problem is to copy the files with the detail features in them out to another location, allow the Split feature to overwrite the files, and then move the copied files back to the original directory. This essentially overwrites the overwritten files, and all is well again. You can also try this by rolling back before the final split and splitting another body off.
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16 Modifying Data
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24.7 Equalizer
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Charge-SharingModel A simple model of the dependence of the threshold voltage on the channel length is given by Yau 15 and illustrated in Figure 3.14. For a short-channel MOSFET, the depletion charge controlled by the gate is reduced because part of the depletion charge under the gate is controlled by the source-drain junctions. The surface
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It is considered best practice to save any parts that will be a permanent part of the assembly as external files. Virtual components should be limited to temporary parts or possibly non-geometry, BOM-only parts like glue or paint.
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Dynamic windows. A somewhat spooky feature, a minimized window animates to a specific part of your screen; in theory, this makes it easier to find when you maximize it. Instead of simply re-appearing like in Windows XP, the minimized window in Aero pops out at you. Live taskbar thumbnails. If you re Aero compliant, a live thumbnail snapshot of your taskbar icon appears (shown in Figure 4.7). This is similar to the Live Icons that we discuss in 6. Windows Flip. This is an improved version of the Alt+Tab feature of the past. Windows Flip shows you a live thumbnail of your available windows over a transparent background, as opposed to showing boring icons (shown in Figure 4.8). Windows Flip 3D. Using Start+Alt+Tab, open windows are displayed as a 3D stack (shown in Figure 4.9). You can flip through the open windows using arrow keys or the scroll wheel of your mouse. You can also use the display buttons next to the Start button on the task bar.
8. Repeat Step 7 for all of the components, assigning each component to its own layer. Notice how this makes the parts easier to identify.
The model showing the features accepted in Step 22.
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15: PHP Introduction
A transaction is a single logical unit of work, such as inserting 100 rows, updating 1,000 rows, or executing a logical set of updates. The quality of a database product is measured by its transactions adherence to the ACID properties. ACID, you might recall, is an acronym for four interdependent properties: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Much of the architecture of SQL Server is founded on these properties. Understanding the ACID properties of a transaction is a prerequisite for understanding SQL Server: The transaction must be atomic, meaning all or nothing. At the end of the transaction either all of the transaction is successful or all of the transaction fails. If a partial transaction is written to disk, the atomic property is violated. The transaction must preserve database consistency, which means that the database must begin in a state of consistency and return to a state of consistency once the transaction is complete. For the purposes of ACID, consistency means that every row and value must agree with the reality being modeled, and every constraint must be enforced. If the order rows are written to disk but the order detail rows are not written, the consistency between the Order and the OrderDetail is violated. Each transaction must be isolated, or separated, from the effects of other transactions. Regardless of what any other transaction is doing, a transaction must be able to continue with the exact same data sets it started with. Isolation is the fence between two transactions. A proof of isolation is the ability to replay a serialized set of transactions on the same original set of data and always receive the same result. For example, assume Joe is updating 100 rows. While Joe s transaction is under way, Sue deletes one of the rows Joe is working on. If the delete takes place, Joe s transaction is not sufficiently isolated from Sue s transaction. This property is less critical in a single-user database than in a multi-user database. The durability of a transaction refers to its permanence regardless of system failure. Once a transaction is committed it stays committed. The database product must be constructed so that even if the data drive melts, the database can be restored up to the last transaction that was committed a split second before the hard drive died. The nemesis of transactional integrity is concurrency multiple users simultaneously attempting to retrieve and modify data. Isolation is less of an issue in small databases, but in a production database with thousands of users, concurrency competes with transactional integrity. The two must be carefully balanced; otherwise, either data integrity or performance will suffer. SQL Server s architecture meets all the transactional-integrity ACID properties, providing that you, as the developer, understand them, develop the database to take advantage of SQL Server s capabilities, and the DBA implements a sound recovery plan. A synergy exists among
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