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These conditions give you the ability to check files in your filesystem within your shell scripts, and are often used in scripts that access files. The -e comparison allows you to check if a file or directory object exists before you attempt to use it in your script:
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Please note that this doesn t mean that anyone can be a journalist, and (while this is not the place for a rant) I do feel strongly that, as a society, we are losing the value of real investigative journalism and thus endangering the subtle balance of democracy by removing many of the fail-safe mechanisms that great journalism provides. As we discuss the human trends, let s return for a moment to open source. Perhaps one of the most remarkable and unexpected human developments to come out of technology, open source is truly revolutionizing many sectors of the economy. The idea of individuals working together collaboratively online to develop, improve, and share software and hardware has fundamentally changed the business models of many leading-edge companies. While in Silicon Valley writing and researching this book, I began to understand the power of the human being, through technology, to develop the tools that will allow other human beings to express themselves and work better, faster, and more intelligently. Open source, and the doors it opens (such as peerto-peer sharing of content, music, video, etc.), will continue to impact on the world we live in, moving slowly, sector by sector, like a creeping giant. The nonpro t
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(1 row(s) affected) GuideID LastName FirstName ----------- ---------- ---------------2 Frank Ken
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43 Business Intelligence with Analysis Services
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Along with the improvement of LLD, the standardization of TXRF analysis for semiconductors has been attracting more attention in recent years. On the background of previous two crosscheck works,18,19 ISO/TC201/WG2 was organized to establish international standards of TXRF measurement in 1993, primarily for the semiconductor industry. After an international round-robin test (RRT) and its data analysis, the rst international standard, ISO14706:2000 ( Surface chemical analysis Determination of surface elemental contamination on silicon wafers by total-re ection X-ray uorescence (TXRF) spectroscopy ) was published. The ISO/TC201/WG2 then decided to standardize chemical preconcentration methods for VPD-TXRF as its second major task, and the work started in 1998. This work consisted of two international RRTs. In the rst RRT, the experimental conditions were left to each participant s discretion, which brought about poor interlaboratory reproducibility. The lesson learned from the rst RRT contributed to the conduct of the second RRT. In the second RRT, both the VPD-TXRF and VPD-wet (e.g. ICPMS) methods were tested, and basic experimental conditions and calculation procedures were carefully provided by the organizer. For example, internal addition of V or Sc was applied to normalize the uorescence intensities between different dried residues, and 2 % HF + 2 % H2 O2 was speci ed as the scanning solution. Figure 7.2.10 summarizes the results of the rst and second RRT for Ni.20 The careful control of experimental conditions and calculation procedures in the second RRT accomplished signi cant
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Keyword or Phrase Number of Impressions Search Popularity Estimated Click-Through Rate Estimated Conversion Rate Cost per Conversion Landing-Page URL
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The double-dot character is extremely handy when trying to traverse through a directory hierarchy. For example, if you are in the Documents directory under your home directory and need to go to your Desktop directory, also under your home directory, you can do this:
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ch a P tEr 13 Making Calls and Using Voicemail
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Index Memory
FIGURE 2-34 The Pro le page de nes the path to the user s pro le.
Keeping Your Solaris Systems Secure
In other words, by giving the highest priority possible to any audio or video processes, streamed multimedia is guaranteed not to be interrupted by any other processes on your system that would create an interruption, or glitch, during delivery.
You should use the dhcp.conf configuration file when you need to contact a Windows server on a remote network using the WINS protocol. By default, Samba can connect only to remote servers that it sees on the network via the nmbd program. The Windows network can use WINS proxy servers to advertise remote Windows servers on local networks. The WINS proxy server rebroadcasts information about remote Windows servers on the local
if arg == list # list all invoices Invoice.list
When the stored procedure is created, the text of the stored procedure is saved in the SysComments table. The text is not stored for the execution of the stored procedures, but only so that it may be retrieved later if the stored procedure needs to be modified. The sp_helptext system stored procedure will extract the original text of the stored procedure:
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