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Then the impedance of the tank circuit can be expressed in terms of Q, that is, from (6.63) and (6.65) we have Z ( o + ) = j
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Surviving Setup
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SolidWorks opens neutral format files as well as several native formats.
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Figure 2.7 The CD/DVD-ROM settings screen for your virtual machine
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Figure 1.35: DL FDD slot format for multicode transmission in UTRA, based on Figure 1.21, but
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Tools, Options
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25.4.2 Error Correction Coding
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WordPress also provides some helper functions for the style queue. For example, the function wp_style_is() is useful when you need to determine if a style has been queued. You can register style with wp_style_register() or unregister them with wp_style_deregister(). You can do the latter if a different plugin conflicts with the styles that your plugin uses, but typically, if that is the case, it is more helpful to create and use unique CSS selectors.
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Using the Insert Bends Method for Sheet Metal Parts
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In late 2005, Microsoft launched an online viral marketing campaign for something called Origami, which was later revealed to be part of its Ultra-Mobile PC, or UMPC, initiative. UMPCs are basically touch-screen-capable ultra-small form factor mobile computers, sort
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