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The Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window appears, as shown in Figure 6-28.
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blogs. Anchor text is well suited to blogs that change daily or weekly. This is fresh content (which is also a plus for improving your search engine rankings). It gives you an opportunity to change your anchor text regularly. Search engine crawlers get bored, too, and if you can provide them with dynamic content that contains relevant anchor text, those crawlers will look on you with favor.
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Author Confidential
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REFERENCES SPring-8 utilizing the same experimental setup as stated above. An example of the XRF spectrum of octahedrite is shown in Figure It is remarkable that trace amounts of Re, Os, and Ir were clearly detected. The advantage of the high-energy SRXRF technique is the nondestructive, two-dimensional chemical imaging of the trace heavy elements. The distribution of each REE and other heavy elements in garnet was analyzed.26 The sample showed a zoning of trace REEs, which was formed during the growth of the crystal. The optical microscope image of the sample is given in Figure 5.5.15(a). The distributions of Ce, Gd, and Yb in the garnet are shown in Figure 5.5.15(b), 5.5.15(c) and 5.5.15(d), respectively. These results show that the zoning position of each element shifts outside the garnet crystal with an increase in the atomic number. Assuming that the rare earth elements exist in trivalent ions and are 12 coordinated in the garnet crystals, Figure 5.5.15(b), 5.5.15(c) and 5.5.15(d) suggest that the larger ions (Ce ion, in this case) were positively incorporated into the garnet crystal at an early stage of growth, while the smaller ions (Yb ion, in this case) are not incorporated into the crystal until a late stage of growth. The advantages of high-energy XRF over conventional analytical techniques used in geology and geochemistry are summarized as follows. The identi cation of the XRF peaks is more straightforward and measurement is easy compared with secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS), and enables us to analyze trace heavy elements with twodimensional resolution. We can analyze geological samples as large as 100 kg in weight and 1 m in length. If we used focusing optics such as a Fresnel zone plate, the spatial resolution could reach 1 m or less. This spatial resolution is close or even better than an electron microprobe, by which trace element analysis is dif cult.
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Earlier we discussed the many records found on all DNS servers that provide host name information to the resolver. In the Microsoft implementation of DNS, there is yet another record type that exists for the purpose of directing resolvers to services found on a Windows 2000 network. An Service Resource Record (SRV RR) record might be used if a client needs to be validated on the network; the SRV record points to a domain controller. Another example would be resolving LDAP servers on the network for client queries. SRV records take a different format than most of the other records you find on a typical DNS server.
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Virtual SQL Server
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31 Using XML, XPath, and XQuery
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Contacts integration is obviously a key aspect of the phone experience on any smart phone. In Windows Phone, this works as expected: You can browse through your list of contacts in the People hub and then tap a Call Number link in order to call that person. Or you can simply access the Phone application directly, and then tap the People button to access this same interface. That is, you re brought directly to the All list in the People hub, which is shown in Figure 13-4. Using your newly developed Windows Phone navigational skills, scroll down the list (or use the letter shortcut buttons) to find the contact you wish to call. Then, tap on that person s entry in the list. You ll be shown that person s contact card, which should resemble Figure 13-5.
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The velocity-saturation-limited drain saturation current is smaller than the carrier pinchoff-limited drain saturation current. The IDsat dependence on (VG - VT) goes from (VG - VT) 2 to (VG - Vr) depending on the value of vsL/[leff compared to (V 0 - VT). Thus, a signature of short-channel, velocity-saturated behavior is the linear dependence of IDsat on (VG - VT).
NAP compliance and DHCP can be set on the Network Access Protection tab of the IPv4 Properties dialog box. This tab is shown in Figure 4-13.
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226 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700 Table 6.24 Taking Wildlife Photographs
Figure 4.2.19 X-ray uorescence spectra for a stainless steel sample excited with a 244 Cm X-ray source, using a photomultiplier based GPSC and (a) 11 mm and (b) 25 mm diameter window collimations (Figure 8 of dos Santos et al.46 ). Reproduced by permission of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
14: Assembly Configurations and Display States
The term dimensional reduction refers to the process of dismantling the extended metal anion (M X) framework of a parent compound MXa upon reaction with an ionic reagent AbX, to form a new compound AnbMXa+n.16 The A cations, which are more electropositive than the metal (M), do not form strong covalent bonds with the X anions and, therefore, may be treated as lying outside the M X framework. The introduced X ions (for this chapter, X = S, Se, or Te) terminate connections between metal centers in the structure, yielding a less tightly connected or lower dimensional framework, which may locally retain aspects of the characteristic metal coordination and polyhedron connectivity of the original parent structure. For each additional AbX unit added to the parent structure (denoted by n ), additional M X M metal bond linkages are broken and the effective dimensionality of the MXa+n framework is progressively reduced (Fig. 3.1). As an example, a series of compounds develop from the interaction between SnSe2 and K2Se, including K4Sn3Se8 (n = 2/3),17 K2SnSe3 (n = 1),18 K6Sn2Se7 (n = 1.5),19 and K4SnSe4 (n = 2),20 which exhibit varying degrees of condensation among SnSe4 tetrahedra. Although
#!/bin/bash # testing the exit status var1=10 var2=30 var3=$[ $var1 + var2 ] exit $var3
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