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Part VI
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File, Print, and Storage Services
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ost PC users regard the motherboard (or system board, or main board, as it is sometimes called) as essentially non-upgradable and non-maintainable, with the sole exception of adding memory (see 1, Read Me First ). As this chapter shows, however, two other aspects of the motherboard are ripe for upgrading on many systems: the BIOS (basic input/output system) and the CPU (central processing unit). This chapter provides you with an overview of both of these low-level components and tells you how to upgrade them safely and successfully, beginning with the BIOS.
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7. If you have a wireless card but no Internet connection, where do you go to
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PowerPoint places the path to the file in the Insert slide from text box. The slides of the selected presentation file are shown in the Reuse Slides task pane.
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The Documents folder is for storing any documents and other miscellaneous files you create with various programs. Mine, shown in Figure 8.27, contains the theme I created for taking screen shots (I named it wiley ). When you create documents in word processors, spreadsheet programs, and so on, the Documents folder is a fantastic place to store them. Documents is a basic file system folder. You can and should create subfolders to organize your documents. For example, I m a writer, and I write for many different companies. I might create a subfolder called Submissions for stuff I write professionally, and then create subfolders within it for each market that assigns me work. That way, all of my work isn t simply piled helter-skelter into the Documents folder.
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Part 1: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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Partial Ellipse is created by clicking the center, dragging one axis, dragging the other axis, and then clicking and dragging the included angle of the partial ellipse. The Partial Ellipse feature works like the centerpoint arc. Parabola is created by clicking the location for the Focus, and then dragging the position of the Apex. You then click and drag the included angle of the parabola, as shown in Figure 4.17.
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Figure 12-3: The Totem Plug-ins window.
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In addition to modifying the location and size of controls, you can also modify the various other attributes, such as the font, size, text, or color. Visual Studio .NET provides the Properties window to access or set the properties of forms and controls. Tip You can move a control by selecting the control and dragging it to the position where you want to position it. To resize a control, select the control, point to one of the corners of the control, and drag it to resize it. Usually, the Properties window is visible. If it is not visible, however, you can display it by choosing Properties Window from the View menu or by pressing F4. Alternatively, you can use hot keys to access the Properties window. To do so, press Alt +V, and then press W. The Properties window displays the properties of a selected object, such as a form or a control. The property that appears highlighted is the default property of the selected control or the form. Tip To view or modify the properties of an object, you can also select the object from the Object drop-down list in the Properties window. Tip It is good programming practice to set the Default property and the Name property of controls first. Figure 4-3 displays the Properties window when a Label control is selected. As you can see in the figure, the Default property of the Label control is highlighted.
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By means of what is known as Conference Service, a number of telephones, at widely scattered points, may be connected together so that their users may converse with each other as if they were all seated in the same room. Widely used for business purposes, it has its social uses also as an antidote for loneliness. Telephone Almanac, American Telephone & Telegraph Company, 1938
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What you get back is an array of the matching elements. You can combine these first two examples into a powerful piece of code that grabs just the elements within a specific parent container:
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