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Getting started with a simple Smart Component
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Figure 6-18: Dive in and you can see where Windows or, more likely, a third-party application let you down.
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Using Up to or Offset from Body rather than Face often avoids the common error message, The end face cannot terminate the extruded feature, especially if the feature that is extruded spans more than one face.
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Frequency The frequency of a PLO is more accurately controlled than that of the reference source in a frequency counter or other frequency measurement instrument. For example, the
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T I P Testing a printer by cat ing a file to it with a proven null-modem cable
Fig. 7.26 circular obstacle, as on the left of Fig. 7.26, which roughly shows the observed flow. How could this be represented by selecting suitable critical points The answer is illustrated in the right-hand figure. We suppose that the flow over the whole plane is from left to right, and we place in this flow two critical points, one of which is a source and the other a sink, as if liquid were pouring out of the source and disappearing down the sink. By placing them close together, we get this pattern of flow-lines. If we now work backwards to find a differential equation which matches these flow lines, then - ignoring the central portion of the map which is replaced by the original island - we have a mathematical equation for the flow of water past the island. Weare not yet finished wi th our analogies! There is another analogy with - amazing to relate - Euler's relationship for polyhedra: V + F = E + 2. To see how it arises, imagine the surface of a minor planet divided into faces, vertices and edges, like a polyhedron. Next, imagine that water is flowing over the surface of this minor planet, and that it gushes out of a number of sources, one at each vertex, and Fig. 7.27
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