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Fig. 4.4 The Babylonians knew that the 'angle in a semicircle' is a right angle. In other words, if the ends of a diameter of a circle are joined to any point on the circle, the two lines are perpendicular. How can this fact be deduced from the theorem that 'the angle in the same segment is constant'
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is called a Prohorov neighborhood of G. Often we assume that
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For a detailed discussion of mounted volumes, see the section Working with Mounted Volumes later in this chapter.
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ref="http://jdc7200cte/Services/CTemp/CTemp.asmx WSDL"/> </disco:discovery> In this example, a pointer to the WSDL document is contained in a contractRef element, which contains the URL that points to the WSDL document. An interesting feature of the DISCO document is that it doesn't need to physically reside alongside the Web Service description document or other Web Service implementation files. This is because the DISCO document provides information about these resources via pointers. Thus, it's possible to distribute DISCO documents to centralized Web Service directories, which can be used to locate Web Services more easily. Note Enabling discovery of your Web Service is optional. You may not wish to enable discovery if you're providing a Web Service for restricted and/or private use, or if you've delegated the discovery process to a dedicated directory server instead of the host Web server. At the time of this writing, the DISCO technology has been submitted to the W3C XML Protocol Activity for consideration. You can find out more about DISCO in the Microsoft .NET Framework documentation, as well as the Visual Studio documentation. Determining which sites provide Web Services As more and more Web Services are created and deployed by numerous companies on the Internet, it will become increasingly difficult for consumers to find these services. Imagine how difficult it would be to find a specific page of information among the billions of pages on the Web if there were no search engines. Similar to the search engine approach that is used to query and locate Web pages, the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) specification defines a logically centralized but physically distributed, XML-based registry database and API that allows companies to find each other and the Web Services that they offer. The UDDI registry API offers support for querying as well as updating the registry database. The UDDI Web site (located at provides a browser-based interface for registering your company and services, as well as the capability to look up potential business partners. The true power of the UDDI business registry lies in the UDDI Web Service (that's right, UDDI is itself a Web Service), which provides a mechanism for ad hoc discovery of potential business partners and dynamic integration of Web Services. Visual Studio .NET support for UDDI is built into the Web Reference metaphor used to locate and consume Web Services. UDDI defines, classifies, and stores three basic types of information: White Pages describes address, contact, and other standard business demographic information. Yellow Pages describes industrial categorizations for businesses based on standard categories. Green Pages describes the technical specification for Web Services. Collectively, these three types of data provide a flexible and effective method for locating Web Services. In July 2001, version 2.0 of the UDDI specification was released, and several registry databases are currently operational. You can see the latest list of registries by visiting As of the writing of this book, both IBM and Microsoft had registries operational at the UDDI Web site. If you want to find potential Web Service providers, you can browse to or click the Find tab on the UDDI home page. Figure 44-2 displays this Find page.
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FIGURE 2.32 Windows Update
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The functions.php file can do anything that can be done in a plugin file. The difference is that it is self contained (meaning it does not require special activation to be included) and it is themespecific. (If you choose a different theme, you no longer gain functionality or features provided by the original themes functions.php file.)
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Animating with Basic Motion
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Examples of Game-Specific Tweaks
What the heck is a hub It s a device that you ll probably need to use if you have more than a couple of USB devices on your PC. Hubs provide device connection points, power management, and device detection services. The USB host (either a circuit on the PC s motherboard or an add-in adapter) is the root hub. Basically, think of a hub as analogous to a power strip; it gives you more ports into which you can plug USB devices. Figure 11.8 shows a pretty typical USB hub.
Part I
The SolidWorks Tip of the Day is displayed at the bottom of the SolidWorks Resources tab in the Task Pane. Cycling through a few of the tips or using them to quiz co-workers can be a useful skills-building exercise.
Okay, you can technically get Media Center in four Windows 7 product editions, as it s also available in Windows 7 Enterprise. However, this version of Windows 7 is made available only to volume license business customers and cannot be purchased by individuals, either at retail stores or with a new PC.
If you have only one user, you can do what you like even use the default installation and Toolbox should work for you. If, however, you are administering an installation with more than one user, you need to be informed of the issues involving setting up and using Toolbox mentioned above, and a few more mentioned below.
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