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In the early days of Linux (the early 1990s), all that was available was a simple text interface to the Linux operating system. This text interface allowed administrators to start programs, control program operations, and move files around on the system. With the popularity of Microsoft Windows, computer users expected more than the old text interface to work with. This expectation spurred more development in the OSS community, and the advent of Linux graphical desktops emerged. Linux is famous for being able to do things more than one way, and no place is this feature more relevant than graphical desktops. You can choose from a plethora of graphical desktops in Linux. The following sections describe a few of the more popular ones.
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TOTAL REFLECTION X-RAY FLUORESCENCE FOR SEMICONDUCTORS AND THIN FILMS improvements in the multilayer monochromator, the system shows a detection limit of ca. 1.5 1010 atoms cm 2 for Mo. This system is also applicable to Ru analysis. Besides the heavy elements mentioned above, the analysis of light elements (Na, Mg, Al) by TXRF has been an issue of interest from the beginning of semiconductor application. Because conventional TXRF systems with medium-energy excitation sources such as W L or Mo K do not have enough excitation ef ciency for light elements such as Na and Al, the detection limit was poor. The low detection ability of light elements is one of the major drawbacks of TXRF when compared with atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS). Several researchers attempted to improve the capability of light element analysis. One such system is a straight-TXRF with W M (1.78 keV) excitation, which is now commercially available.4 The monochromatic W M , generated by a W rotating anode, can effectively excite light elements up to Al. In addition, the energy of W M is lower than the Si K absorption edge (1.84 keV),
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In GE-XRS, the control of exit angle is very important, requiring an accuracy of approximately 0.01 . This angle control can easily be performed by using a stepping motor driven stage. Two types of experimental arrangement are available to change the exit angle. In the rst setup, the sample stage is tilted to change the exit angle.9 The characteristic X-rays are measured by a xed X-ray detector. This method is easily applied to commercially available apparatus, such as EPMA or SEM-EDX. However, if the analyzing position is not set exactly on the center of rotation (tilt), it moves as the sample is tilted. In the case of localized analysis (particle analysis), this is a severe problem.9 In the second setup, the sample is xed and the X-ray detector is moved to change the exit angle. In this case, the analyzing position and excitation conditions (incident angles of excitation probe) are stable even if the exit angle is changed. Therefore, the latter experimental arrangement is suitable for localized analysis.
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22. An Introduction to the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), RFC 3286, IETF, May 2002. 23. Stream Control Transmission Protocol, RFC 2960, IETF, Oct. 2000. Copyright (c) The Internet Society (2000). All rights reserved. (The rest of the copyright statement is the same as in [21].) 24. SDP: Session Description Protocol, RFC 2327, IETF, Apr. 1998.
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Let s denote the original impedance to be matched as Zm = Rm + jX m, where Zm = original impedance to be matched, Rm = resistance of original impedance, Xm = reactance of original impedance. Figure 10.11 shows that in all regions there are two ways to pull the original impedance, at P1, P2, P3, and P4, to the center of the Smith chart, O, by the addition of two (10.30)
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Checked (Public Instance Property)
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The results can be displayed in the report using either the list, table, or matrix report items. Working with these items is covered in more depth later in this chapter. To display the results
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If the order of operations used in the previous part were slightly reordered (by putting the shell and fillet features before Step 6), the resulting part would also look slightly different, as shown in Figure 1.17. Figure 1.18 shows a comparison of the FeatureManager design trees for the two different feature orders. You can reorder features by dragging them up or down the tree. Relationships between features can prevent reordering; for example, the fillets are dependent on the second extruded feature, and cannot be reordered before it. This is referred to as a Parent/Child relationship.
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The MIMO channel between TX and RX is estimated from the High Throughput Long Training Field (HT-LTFs). If the TX provides training for the exactly available spatial streams, then the preamble uses exactly NSS training symbols (except for the case of three spatial streams, which requires four training symbols). If the TX is providing more training elds than is required for the current number of spatial streams, more spatial dimensions can be estimated, which enables, e.g., beamforming for eigenvalue decomposition. In this case, the PPDU is called a sounding PPDU . Thus, the HT long training eld portion has one or two parts. The rst part consists of NSS Long Training Fields (LTFs) (known as Data-HT-LTFs) that are necessary for demodulation of the HT-Data portion of the PPDU. The optional second part (the one occurring only in sounding PPDUs) consists of the HT-LTFs that may be used to sound extra spatial dimensions. Figure 29.11 shows an example. Another way of sounding all spatial dimensions is to use a PPDU that contains no payload data. The preamble of such a Null Data Packet then contains only data-HT-LTFs, but the (nominal) NSS is chosen such that all required spatial dimensions can be sounded. The HT-LTFs provide the Channel State Information (CSI) that is required for the reception of the signals, but can also be used at the TX to enable an appropriate precoding (i.e., creation of a suitable matrix Q for each subcarrier). The CSI at the TX can either be obtained through explicit feedback, or from the principle of reciprocity.
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