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Have a posing plan. Look at magazines, books, the Internet, and see what group poses appeal to you. Keep these in mind for the next time you need to pose a group.
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NTSC or PAL video format. You should choose the format used in your locale. For example, the NTSC format is correct for the United States, but PAL is used in countries like France and Ireland. Other DVD settings: In the bottom of the DVD Options dialog, you can set options for the DVD burner speed and the location where the application will store its temporary files during the DVD creation process. Typically, you will want to leave the DVD burner speed at the fastest setting, but if you run into problems burning DVDs, you can change it to a slower speed (such as medium or slow). This will increase the amount of time it takes to create your DVD movie but will result in a more reliable burn experience. Similarly, most users will want to leave the temporary file location setting untouched, but if one of your hard drives is faster or has much more space available, you can use this setting to change the location where temporary files are stored and, possibly, speed up the DVD creation process.
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(Section 12.9.1). The network then assigns a SDCCH and returns an IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT message (Section 12.9.1). At this point, the MS and BSS tune their transmitter and receiver to the SDCCH. The MS next sends a CM SERVICE REQUEST (Section12.9.2), indicating that it wishes to originate a call. The network then decides whether to execute or skip the MS authentication. If the MS has ciphering capability, they ciphering mode is started by command from the network. The call-control messages that follow are similar to the corresponding Q.931messages of Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 1 (Section 10.3.2). The MS sends a SETUP message (Section 12.9.3) that includes the called party number, bearer capability, and other information. The network acknowledges with a CALL PROCEEDING message (Section 12.9.3). It then allocates a TACH, sends an ASSIGNMENT COMMAND (Section 12.9.1), and then releases SDCCH. On receipt of the command, the MS sends an ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE (Section 12.9.1) message tunes to TACH. From this point, the signaling is on the SACCH to TACH. When the network receives an indication from the xed network that the called party is being alerted, it sends an ALERTING message (Section 12.9.3), and the MS noti es its user. When the called party answers, the network sends a CONNECT message (Section 12.9.3), and the MS returns a CONNECT ACKNOWLEDGE (Section 12.9.3). The conversation can now begin.
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Creating Multi-bodies
Job management
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FIGURE 18.8 Creating a library feature
The Batch dialog box opens. This nifty, timesaving feature enables you to perform a Photoshop Action on all files matching a certain criterion.
Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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