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platforms are prime candidates for generic ADO.NET. In reality, each specific provider needs extensions to the base model, so the base class is probably not completely usable by any .NET providers without some references to provider-specific classes in the developer s code. Consequently, common base class coding may be more complex than using the providerspecific namespaces at this time. Undoubtedly, the common base class usability will continue to evolve in future releases of ADO.NET. It is conceivable that the provider-specific classes derived from the common base class model may even fall out of favor in the future. For now, it may be wise for all but the most adventurous developers to proceed with some caution into the generic coding model.
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partitions: Individual compartments located on your hard drive, which can be used for storage and file organization purposes. ratings: A metadata resource. This tool lets you create your own ranking system
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The Driver property page enables you to view details about, uninstall, and update a device s driver. Click Driver Details to view a list of the les that comprise the device s driver. This list is useful for checking the le or driver version to make sure that you re using a speci c version. Use Uninstall if you want to remove the selected device s driver. The Update Driver button opens the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard. Use the wizard to install an updated driver for the device. The wizard gives you the option of searching your system s oppy and CD-ROM drives, other speci c location (local or remote share), or the Microsoft Windows Update Web site. Just follow the prompts to complete the update. In some cases, changing drivers requires a system restart.
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When using a balanced differential voltage probe, be aware that this device does not work efficiently in high-impedance circuits. The reason is due to the impedance of the probe tip and combiner, which are designed to match the probe to the analyzer. This probe is optimal for noise measurements on low-impedance signal sources. With most high-frequency circuits being high impedance, this probe finds limited use in certain applications. Examples on using a balanced coaxial differential voltage probe are shown in Figure 5.28 [1]. The probe can be used to check common-mode overloading or investigate the common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of a circuit or system after performing a null test, all with an optional ground lead connected. A commercial differential voltage probe is shown in Figure 5.29. This probe can measure transients having rise times as short as 200 ps and pulse widths up to 70 ns. It is ideal for use in characterizing a wide variety of transients, including electrostatic discharge, coupled lightning, and EMP simulation. Differential current probes are the standard probe used for measurement of current, except two probes are required at the same time.
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Most Start menu customizations occur via the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog, shown in Figure 6-2. You can display this dialog by right-clicking the Start button (sometimes called the Start Orb) and clicking Properties. A related dialog, Customize Start Menu, is displayed by clicking the Customize button.
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You re asked to follow a few instructions and then everything is set up. At this point, you ll be happy to know that your Apache server can run Rails apps. But to actually do so requires a few changes to your Apache configuration file. As I suggested earlier, you can t just create a folder on your server and throw in a Rails project. While that s technically possible with the help of some configuration in Apache, I ve never been able to get it working. Instead, I always ensure that a Rails application owns the entire domain. So, you ll create a virtual host on your server for each Rails project you want to run. If, like me, you need to run a Rails application in a development environment, it makes sense to create a subdomain on your main domain. For example, if I m developing an application for Awesome Inc., I ll create the subdomain and host my Rails app there. In Apache s configuration file, it would look something like this:
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Figure 13-19: It s subtle, but you can only add one song to a project, and that song is used as
11.2.1 Pulse Amplitude Modulation
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