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Understanding Surfacing Terminology
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Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt) format: possibly the most popular pre-
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When Fischer and Myron Met Bob: Option Theory
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FIGURE 19.16 Selecting the Edit in Defining Assembly command
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Mathematical link model for the analysis of modulation formats.
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1.24 SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 20: ANTENNAS As Figure 1.14 demonstrates, an antenna must be used on both the transmitter and receiver end of any wireless system. These antennas may be the same or different on the two ends of the system, but in either case they serve different functions. The transmitter antenna launches the power in the direction of the receiver and concentrates it in this direction. The receiver antenna simply collects the power from the transmitter. Speci cations for the transmitter antenna are the following: Gain Beamwidth Pattern Polarization Impedance match Gain is a measure in dB of how well the antenna concentrates the power in the direction of the receiver, relative to an isotropic antenna. An isotropic antenna is de ned as an idealized antenna that radiates power equally in all directions. Beamwidth is the angular width of the beam generated by the antenna. Gain and beamwidth are related. To achieve more gain, the width of the beam must be decreased. The antenna pattern de nes radiation in undesired directions that may jam other systems. Polarization de nes the direction of the electric eld of the radiation, whether directed vertically or horizontally to the Earth s surface. The impedance of free space, which is the ratio of the electric eld to the magnetic eld of the RF wave, is a physical constant equal to 377 V. Every antenna serves as an impedance transformer, transforming the impedance of the antenna at its RF connector to 50 or 75V. The pattern, polarization, and impedance match are the same for the receiving antenna as for the transmitting antenna. However, for the receiving antenna the gain and beamwidth are replaced by the area of the antenna, which determines how much of the incident signal is received. Figure 1.18 shows common RF antennas. The upper left drawing shows a halfwave dipole. This antenna is used on most mobile units, and it also serves as a building block for higher gain antennas. It consists of a feed line, shown as parallel wires, which are bent at right angles to the feed line in the antenna region. The total length of the antenna is 0.5 wavelength at the operating frequency. It has an almost isotropic pattern, except that it does not radiate along the antenna wires. Consequently, it
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9.2. TheWignerDistribution
18.5.3 Impulse Radio in Delay-Dispersive Channels
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Back in the main calendar display, you can switch into Agenda view, by simply swiping right on the top pivot. Agenda view, shown in Figure 11-11, is a more textual, list-like way of examining your schedule. It provides the same options as Day view, and you can scroll down to view future appointments and click on appointments to view more information.
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