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1. Open the Tools menu in IE7.
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Changing search defaults
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address time and date stamps. This option is convenient if you want to use a time stamp different from the system time when you re traveling. The Done dialog box allows you to go back and review your settings, or you can click the Apply button to start the configuration process using your settings. After the configuration completes, Evolution starts the main window, ready for you to interact with your ISP s mail server.
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FIGURE 17.2 A design tree containing a Hole Wizard hole
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For the book example, leave this as an empty string because the example uses all images and no text.
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You should have noticed that the ClientRectangle coordinates didn't change, but the painting surface did. The shape that appears on your screen is defined by the five points mentioned in Listing 29-1, thereby limiting the painting surface to that region. However, the bounding rectangle of the form remains the same. As you can see, the Region object describes the interior of a Graphics object. This region is the actual available drawing surface. It can be a rectangle or any polygonal area. This object is typically used to limit the drawing capabilities on a form, for example. Stylus The stylus is the tool with which you draw. The .NET Framework gives you tools with which to draw: the pen and the brush. The purpose of the pen is to draw lines and curves. Thus, the pen can be used to draw borders, graphs and outlines of regions or shapes. The DashStyle of a pen determines how the lines are drawn. They can be dashed, dotted, solid, or a combination of the three. The pen object also allows for custom DashStyle. This gives you the ability to create a full range of line appearances for any task at hand.
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Web Controls and How to Program for Them
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Figure 4.31. You can enable accessibility features from the logon screen or the Control Panel.
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11: Keeping Up, Backing Up, Disaster and Recovery
In the Stone Age of personal computers, Windows wasn t anything like it is today. The first truly widespread version of the operating system, Windows 3.1, barely managed to handle any multimedia. PCs back then were considered tools, not gaming platforms. But that wasn t the case. Windows 3.1 ran on top of the command-line interface DOS. Games, some truly fantastic games, did exist and they required the user to close Windows completely and run them from DOS. Windows 95 changed everything. Designed to run as a complete operating system (although it still had plenty of DOS elements), it included a feature called DirectX. DirectX is a series of application programming interfaces (APIs) that were designed to allow multimedia and gaming to take place from within Windows. DirectX 1.0 was pretty awful, but it eventually evolved into an excellent gaming platform. Vista includes DirectX 10.0, which packs some revolutionary features intended to make the Windows multimedia experience far better than it ever has been. Ever since Windows 95, Microsoft has taken steps to make gaming in Windows possible, but the company has, at last, truly embraced the gaming community.
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1 Exploring the Sony Alpha A700
Managing Performance
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