The Layout Masters contain placeholders for the slide title, text or graphic content, date, footer, and slide numbers. If you are not using a particular placeholder, you can remove it from the Layout Masters.
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One of the most effective methods of reducing the cost of your PPC campaign is to target your campaign to the most effective times of day or days of the week. Called dayparting, this strategy requires that you monitor your PPC campaigns to know what days and hours of the day your campaigns perform the best.
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Each part has a default config named Default. There is nothing special about this config; you can rename it and even delete it. At least one config must always remain in the tree, and you cannot delete the configuration that is currently active. If you would like to remove a config, then you need to switch to another config (by double-clicking the other configuration in the ConfigurationManager), and then delete the one you want to remove.
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With this last bit of code, your theme is now prepared for widgets. Users will have some default sidebar HTML in case they don t want to use widgets, and if they do want to use widgets, they will now see a Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2 drop zone in their Widget Admin interface.
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Sketching in 3D
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Click the Exit option in the floating navigational toolbar to end a slide show. Alternately, you can tap the Esc key to end a slide show.
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Part VI
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Resizing a text box using the lower-right corner handle
define all the requirements, devise the best concept from several alternatives and architect the system to the component level. The system team must also provide to the designers all of the models and visualizations that describe the architecture down to the lowest decomposed level. David Oliver in his book Engineering Complex Systems with Models and Objects2 states: These descriptions must be provided in the representations, terminology, and notations used by the different design disciplines. They must be unambiguous, complete and mutually consistent such that the components will integrate to provide the desired emergent behavior of the system. So how does one use UML that was originally designed primarily for software personnel to help the systems engineer UML is a graphical language for modeling software systems and it was adopted as V1.1 by the Object Management Group (OMG) in 1997. Since then UML has become a de facto standard of the software community and the language has continued to improve through V2.0 as of 2004. It is a robust language with built-in extension mechanisms capable of addressing many needs. UML is supported by the OMG that has a well-defined technology adoption process and broad user representation that should assist in future development of the language. So how does this help the systems engineer and what is wrong with the current structured approach to systems engineering First, there are many systems being developed that use the Object Oriented (OO) approach for software development. As such, the current structured approach to systems sngineering poses a definite communication blockage between the SE and the software developers due to the visualizations used by the traditional approach. Basically, there is the lack of a common notation, semantics, and terminology as well as a definite tool incompatibility. This gap needs to be bridged to take full advantage of the OO approach and make full use of UML. So in addition to the structure language (UML), you need a systems engineering method consistent with that language and additional systems engineering notation to be effective. In November 2000, the INCOSE Object Oriented Systems Engineering Methodology (OOSEM) Working Group was established to help further evolve the methodology. The working group is sponsored by the INCOSE Chesapeake and led by Jim Chism. The OOSEM working group goals are to: Evolve the object-oriented systems engineering methodology. Establish requirements and proposed solutions for extending UML to support systems engineering modeling.
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Windows - LIVE network. These messages are e-mail like in nature, as shown in Figure 16-38, but can include audio and video messages in addition to normal text messages (the latter of which are limited to 255 characters).You can create new text and audio messages from the client, but not video messages. You can send and approve Friend requests as well.
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