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burn: To record (data, files) onto a CD or DVD via CD or DVD burning. codec: A term coined from compressor-decompressor or coder-decoder. This refers
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And although it s always been possible to send and receive faxes from a personal computer, it has not always been easy or convenient. In the past, you could receive faxes and save them as images and use optical character reading software to change them to documents. However, you needed a scanner and third-party software (which often came bundled with your modem) to be able to send faxes. And of course, you needed a telephone connection. Windows Vista makes the task somewhat easier because the operating system now includes an application Windows Fax and Scan which bypasses third-party software. You do, however, still need a phone line, modem, and scanning device to send faxes from your PC.
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A PC to program the router (the PC needs to have a free serial port only if you
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The bandwidth of microstrip antennas can be increased by various measures. The most straightforward one is an increase in antenna volume i.e., the use of thicker substrates with a lower r . Alternatives are the use of matching circuits and the use of parasitic elements. Microstrip antennas have several important advantages for wireless applications: They are small and can be manufactured cheaply. The feedlines can be manufactured on the same substrate as the antenna. They can be integrated into the MS, without sticking out from the casing. However, they also have serious weaknesses: They have a low bandwidth (usually just a few percent of the carrier frequency). They have low ef ciency.
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# /etc/init.d/nfs.server start
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IMPEDANCE MATCHING NETWORK BUILT OF ONE PART One Part Inserted into Impedance Matching Network in Series
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AINI (ATM Inter-Network Interface). AINI is an ATM Forum signaling protocol speci cally designed for connections between ATM networks that use PNNI internally [30]. AINI is based on the PNNI protocol with very few modi cations: the designated transit list (DTL) is not supported, and a few information elements and a few messages are not supported (all the messages listed in Table 22.5-1 are supported). PNNI signaling messages and IEs that are of local signi cance are not transported across the AINI; all other PNNI messages and IEs are mapped into corresponding AINI messages and IEs. B-ICI (B-ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface). The B-ICI [31,32] is AF s NNI signaling protocol between public networks managed by different telecom
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5.2 This sequence of photos shows the different focal lengths. The rst photo was taken at 18mm (top left), the second at 50mm (bottom left), the third at 100mm (top right), and the fourth at 200mm (bottom right).
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he good news is that the SolidWorks interface is very flexible, and if you re a Windows veteran, most of it is perfectly intuitive. The bad news is that there s a lot of it to know. This chapter serves as a reference, and to help you decide how you want to use different portions of the interface. In this chapter, you learn how to effectively navigate and manipulate the interface, and you learn how to customize it both to suit your personal style and to help you work faster. This customization includes adding and removing toolbar buttons, displaying descriptions on toolbars, accessing dynamic help options, using standard and custom hotkeys, and making your interface customization portable to other computers. Many aspects of the SolidWorks interface are controlled by settings, which are covered in detail in Appendix B. Each interface element that is identified in Figure 2.1 is explained in greater detail in its own section of this chapter. Once you have mastered the various interface elements and customized your SolidWorks installation, working with the software becomes much more efficient and satisfying.
Start a New Presentation................................. 46 Save a Presentation .......................................... 48 Open an Existing Presentation ....................... 50 Close a Presentation ......................................... 51 Delete a Presentation ....................................... 52 Arrange Presentation Windows ..................... 53 Find a Presentation ........................................... 54
This opens the third Fax Setup window, as shown in Figure 7-32.
This output indicates that the particular system has an extremely light load. In each of the load averages shown, a single process was ready and waiting to run once in fifty samplings. Contrast that with this output:
Creating Drawings
Working with PHP
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