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sintering into continuous polycrystalline lms, 319 323 as soluble building blocks for inorganic lms, 318 332 Nanoparticle superlattices, 324 Nano-pen deposition, future applications of, 455 Nanopillars, 457, 458 Nanopods, next-generation applications of, 456 Nanoporous arrays, for 3D structures, 462, 463, 464 Nanoporous structure, for nonlinear optics, 461 Nanoribbons, next-generation applications of, 456 Nanorod arrays, for 3D structures, 462 464 Nanoscale building blocks, 350 functional structures assembled from, 349 377 synthesis and properties of, 350 354 Nanoscale elements, for macroelectronics, 413 414, 415 Nanoscale inks, electronically functional inorganic, 380 381, 396 397 Nanoscale integration, next-generation applications of, 455 456 Nanoscale logic gates/computational circuits, 360 361 Nanoscale particles, materials systems based on, 379. See also Nanoparticles Nanoscale periodicity, 330 Nanostructured lm deposition, xiv xv Nanostructured oxide materials, future applications of, 452 453 Nanostructures, 315 exploring, 350 Nanotechnology, 379 Nanotechnology value chain, 381 Nanotube arrays, for 3D structures, 462, 463, 464 Nanotube/nanowire-based devices, 25 Nanotubes, 314 orienting and positioning, 19 Nanowire assembly, parallel and orthogonal, 334
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Continuous representation: A capability maturity model structure wherein capability levels provide a recommended order for approaching process improvement within each specified process area.
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Working with Assemblies
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and ight number) via tonepad signaling, and is provided the required information without the costly involvement of an agent. Among the main bene ts of an IVR system is that it eliminates the need for human employees to answer repetitive questions. While an IVR system does not totally eliminate the need for human call center agents, it does relieve them of some of the less challenging aspects of their jobs. IVR systems also provide the signi cant bene t of being available to work 24 7, with no breaks, no lunch hours, no sick time, no vacation time, and no whining [19]. My nancial institution, for example, provides account information through IVR, with the following hierarchy of menu options: For English, press 1 (one) Para Espa ol, marque 2 (dos) I pressed 1. Although my English might be poor, it is better than my Spanish. For information or services on an existing account, press 1 Open a new account or apply for loans or credit cards, 2 ATM or branch locations, 3 Year-end tax information, 4 Merchant veri cation of funds, 5 At any time during this call, you may speak with a specialist by pressing 0 To return to this menu any time, press * I pressed 1. For account inquiries, press 1 To transfer funds, 2 For Internet banking or bill payment by phone, 3 To order checks, 4 For account maintenance, 5 To speak to a specialist, press 0 I pressed 1. For deposits, press 1 Checks, 2 All account activity, 3 I pressed 1. Using the touchtone keypad, please enter your 15-digit account number followed by the star (*). I entered my account number and pressed the star. Using the touchtone keypad, please enter your four-digit password. I entered my password. Sadly, there have been no deposits made to my account. While I am disappointed over the lack of deposits, particularly as I was expecting a royalty check for this book, my bank has saved a good deal of money by automating the account inquiry process and making me do all the work. However, I take
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Speech Coding
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Databases can contain numerous objects. To ease navigating these objects, Microsoft has included a filter for portions of the tree that include user-defined objects, such as tables or views. The filter icon is in the Object Explorer toolbar. The icon is only enabled when the top node for a type of user-defined object is selected. For example, to filter the tables, select the tree node and then click on the filter icon or right-click to open the tree s context menu, and select Filter Filter Settings, also as shown in Figure 6-4. The Filter Settings dialog box enables you to filter the object by name, schema, or creation date. To remove the filter, use the same context menu, or open the Filter Settings dialog box and choose Clear Filter. Unfortunately, the filter accepts only single values for each parameter. Boolean operators are not permitted.
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P11b = 10 0 mW
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Vdd DC Bias Output Impedance Matching Network Input Impedance Matching Network 50
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Using RADIUS Applying a Network Policy Server policy Examining security issues Con guring dial-up networking connections Troubleshooting RRAS installations Connecting to the Internet
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Part VII: Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem
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The Plug-ins tab provides control over the plug-ins used in gedit. Plug-ins are separate programs that can interface with gedit to provide additional functionality. The Plug-ins tab is shown in Figure 6-3.
implement multiband solutions intensifies. In October 2002, RF Micro Devices agreed to acquire Resonext Communications Inc., which had just introduced a dual-band wireless LAN solution. Agere Systems, which had been an early participant in supplying 802.11-compliant devices, formed an alliance with Infineon Technologies A.G., Munich, Germany, to coproduce wireless LAN chipsets. Intel Corp., which has yet to ship an internally developed wireless LAN device, has made the technology a cornerstone of its communications and mobile computing effort. The company announced it will invest $150 million over the next few years in companies developing wireless LAN-related technologies. To date, the wireless LAN market has attracted as many as 30 chip vendors, but the tally board changes monthly as companies acquire competitors and enter and exit the market. 7.4 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
11. Click the name of the dangling entity in the Entities panel of the PropertyManager; then click the vertex indicated in Figure 6.18 in the Replace box at the bottom. When you have fixed the errors, exit the sketch and confirm that the flag is no longer on Sketch2.
Image (Public Instance Property)
Creating the Web application project Locating the CTemp Web Service Adding a Web reference Building the Web Form Creating an instance of the CTemp proxy Calling CTemp proxy methods Testing the consumer application This chapter teaches you how to use Visual Studio and VB .NET to write a consumer application for the CTemp Web Service that you built in previous chapters. Many different types of applications can consume Web Services, including traditional desktop applications, Web applications, or even other Web Services. The example in this chapter illustrates how to call the CTemp Web Service from an ASP.NET Web application by using Visual Studio as the development environment. In addition to covering the details of creating Web Service consumers, this chapter takes a fairly detailed look at execution flow between your Web Service and consumer applications. This is to help you understand how Web Services work in ASP.NET, as well as to appreciate the great many details related to Web Service implementation that are handled for you automatically by the ASP.NET and Visual Studio tools.
Listing 11-30: Handling the Event
The image on the left in Figure 26.10 is the raw imported part. The middle image shows a planar surface created on the face of the part, where the planar surface has been used with the Split feature to cut the leg off the part. The image on the right shows the split leg patterned around an axis that was created from the intersection of two planes. If you would like to practice with this part, it is on the CD-ROM for 26; the imported Parasolid file is named 26 Pattern import.x_t.
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