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Articulation While the sound generation mechanisms provide the speech carrier, the articulation mechanism provides its modulation using a language-speci c code. This code is both sequential and hierarchical i.e., spoken language utterances consist of a sequence of phrases built of a sequence of words built of a sequence of syllables built of a sequence of speech sounds (called phonemes if discussed in terms of linguistic symbols). However, the articulation process is not organized in a purely sequential way i.e., the shape of the vocal tract waveguide is not switched from one steady-state pose to another for each speech sound. Rather, the articulatory gestures (lip, tongue, velum, throat movements) are strongly overlapping and interwoven (typically spanning an entire syllable), mostly asynchronous, and continuously evolving patterns, resulting in a continuous modulation process rather than in a discrete shift-keying modulation process. This co-articulation phenomenon is the core problem in automatic speech recognition or synthesis where we attempt to map continuously evolving sound patterns on discrete symbol strings (and vice versa).
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The POT file used to provide string translations
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After the view has been oriented, you may want to create more views on the drawing that also become populated by model geometry. This is where the projected views are used. Make sure that the drawing properties are set to the correct projection angle. Because the rest of the views have been created relative to the Front view, none of the views needs to be rotated as it would if, for example, the Top view were placed above the Back or Right views. Although it is not on this drawing, many drawing templates include a third-angle projection symbol as a part of the Title Block, which is in the format. Figure 20.23 shows first- and third-angle projection symbols. These are included as blocks with the sample data in the SolidWorks installation. Blocks are discussed in more detail in 22.
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points for that slide.
Bill Evjen has been programming in Web development since 1996. Though raised in Seattle, Bill is presently an Internet Applications developer in St. Louis, Missouri. His abilities in Microsoft-centric Web technologies have led him to develop a number of large Internet-based applications for Fortune 500 companies and others. Bill's love of the new .NET platform led him to be the Founder and President of the St. Louis .NET User Group (, and has helped in bringing prominent .NET speakers to the Midwest. Bill graduated from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington with a Russian Linguistics degree, and when he isn't tinkering on the computer, he enjoys spending his free time in his summer place in Toivakka, Finland. You can reach Bill at
Sub PrintJobDone(ByVal Pages As Integer) Handles objPrinter.ThreadDone MsgBox("The job has printed " & CStr(Pages)) End Sub
Part II
Providing Value-Based Options
Table 53-1: Scaling Non-SAN Disk Subsystems
This section begins the description of the AMPS signaling protocol. The protocol is based on the original development by Bell Laboratories [1,2] but includes a number of additions and modi cations speci ed by the EIA/TIA (Electronics Industries Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association) see [6]. The signaling between mobile and base station is a combination of common-channel and channel-associated digital signaling messages, and a singlefrequency signal. The forward and reverse control channels (FOCC and RECC) carry signaling messages only. They are common channels, used for signaling between a base station and all mobiles in the cell that are active, but not involved in a call. The messages on these channels include a mobile identi cation number (MIN) that identi es a particular mobile. A voice channel is allocated to a MS at the start of a call. Its forward and reverse voice channels (FVC and RVC) carry speech and channel-associated signaling messages (which do not include MIN). 12.2.1 Supervision Tone
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