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Developing Custom and Multiple Loops
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If you re working with the book example, scroll down to the footer and click anywhere on the Request a Call link. The Link box in the Properties palette displays the current mailto URL.
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A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit China and spend three weeks with my partner traveling around the country, from south to north and east to west from Tibet to Hong Kong via Xian and nally nishing up in Beijing. To say it was memorable would be an understatement. But one particular memory from the trip has remained stuck in the front of mind ever since. It happened in Beijing, an incredible and confusing city. After having been in town for a day or so, we left our hotel as usual in one of Beijing s many suburbs to head into the center and continue our discovery of China s capital. After a visit to the Forbidden City in excruciating heat, made bearable only by the fact
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Listing 24-2 utilizes an instance of an XmlDocument object to load and manipulate the XML specified in the sXML variable. We utilize the LoadXML method to populate the XmlDocument with the appropriate state, and then simply iterate through the collection of XmlNode objects, which represent the various nodes that make up the specified XML document. As discussed in the last few chapters, the ADO.NET Framework for data access treats data as XML and XML as data. With this paradigm in mind, Microsoft also provided a DOM-based class structure to manipulate XML documents that integrates seamlessly with the ADO.NET DataSet object. By utilizing both of these class structures simultaneously, you can achieve real-time, synchronous access to a single set of XML data by using both distinct views of the data. This ability to manipulate the data in both a relational and a hierarchical structure allows you to manipulate XML by using the tools that most readily apply to the situation. Another key benefit of working with both structures concurrently is that when synchronized with an XMLDataDocument, an ADO.NET DataSet retains the original structure of the underlying XML document. When not synchronized with an XMLDataDocument, DataSets do little to maintain the underlying structure of the XML document they are manipulating. The standard DataSet does nothing to retain whitespace, to preserve element order, or to keep any parts of an XML document that are not explicitly defined in the DataSet's schema. All these things are maintained when the DataSet is utilized in conjunction with an XMLDataDocument, as shown in the following code: 'Create a new instance of an XMLDataDocument Dim oXMLDataDocument As New Xml.XmlDataDocument() 'Fill the DataDocument with XML specified in a string oXMLDataDocument.LoadXml(sXML) 'Use the DataSet property of the XMLDataDocument _ to get an ADO.NET DataSet representing the same data Dim oDataSet As DataSet = oXMLDataDocument.DataSet() ' at this point oXMLDataDocument and oDataSet _ share common data and manipulating one or the _ other will affect both XML serialization When building VB .NET applications by using the .NET Framework, another powerful use of XML is the capability to serialize an object's state to and from an XML document.
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Once you connect to the share, you re greeted by the smb> prompt. The next section discusses how to interact with the remote server from the prompt.
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Windows Meeting Space appears with a list of sessions near you (see Figure 9.31). You can sort this list by a number of criteria; if no sessions are listed, you can always refresh the list or create a new session.
located in the Conditions section. This option allows you to identify messages by their senders.
The Instances to Skip option for component patterns, shown in Figure 15.3, works just like the equivalent option for features. Click the dots in the graphics window to toggle each instance of the pattern. On the screen, the instances to keep use pink dots and the instance to skip use orange dots. The colors are almost indistinguishable at a relatively wide spacing.
Figure 4-12: IE7 Security Settings warning.
SELECT RTRIM( middle earth ) AS [RTrim], LTRIM( middle earth ) AS [LTrim]
Decision boundary
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Visual Tools
1. Turn the camera on. 2. Press the Menu button. Use the
Time and Baseline Maturity
External reference symbol
Multilink and BAP Revisited
solaris% mkdir mydir; ls -ld mydir drwxr-xr-x 2 sdraven staff
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