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Implementing High Availability: Eliminating Single Points of Failure
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INDEX definitions, 20 21 failure, reasons for, 70 71 fundamentals of effective environment for, 71 77 goals, 72 indicators, positive/negative, 81 82 kick-off meeting, 77 78 orchestra /musicians metaphor, 1 2, 20, 21, 26, 71, 181 planning and problem solving, 78 project information center, 80 reinforcement, 81 rewarding achievement, 76, 81, 332 333 steps (three) for achieving, 70 team spirit and energy, 76 77 techniques for building/sustaining, 77 88 training, 81 underperformers, 80 in Wheel and Axle Model (Figure 3.3), 24 Technical aspect of project cycle, 30, 31 for COTS and NDI components (Figure 13.13), 248 defined, 434 modeling, 104 116 circular model (Figure 7.6), 105 Spiral Model, 107, 108, 354, 355 356 (see also Spiral Model) Vee Models, 108 116, 354 (see also Vee Model) Waterfall Model, 106, 107, 354, 355 356 off-core opportunity and risk investigations (Figure 13.9), 244 systems engineering and, 102 104 technology insertion, 119 120 Technical baselines, 121, 267, 268 Technical controls, 261, 274 276 Technical development tactics, 116 119, 354 357. See also Development methods Technical Performance Measurements (TPMs), 133, 295, 297, 381 Technical shortcomings, corrective actions, 316 Technical status, 293 294, 295 298 Technology: insertion (project cycle), 119 120 language and trend toward emerging specialties, 26, 63 visibility, 290 Telecommuting, 168 Templates/forms, web site for, 401 402 Ten management elements. See Management elements, ten Terminology baseline/database, 64, 65 Testing, 367 368 Test readiness review, 369 Thamhain, Hans, 321 Theory X / Y/ Z, 323 325 Therac-25 project, 250 252 Thompson, Tommy, 386 Threaded appropriate, 359, 364, 365 Tiger Teams, 70, 283 284, 316, 318
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Select a tab to quickly jump to that session. This section allows you to manage your tabs, which can come in handy if you have several tabs open at once.
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Establishing design intent Building a simple part Creating a simple assembly tutorial Making a simple drawing tutorial
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Figure 14-2: Members of the FileStream class Methods Methods are procedures that contain application logic. They can either be sub procedures or function procedures, the only difference being that functions will return a value back to the caller. If you add a method called Set_Rank to your class1.vb in the StarFleetCommand project, it will look like this: Class Class1 Public Function Set_Rank(ByVal strRank As String) _ As Boolean ' public function code End Function End Class The Public modifier for the function tells the class that this function is available to any consumer of the class. If the function were Private, only members of the class could
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NameVirtualHost * <VirtualHost *> ServerName DocumentRoot /opt/apache/htdocs </VirtualHost>
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locate the Display and Slide Show headings.
The Unix subsystem has a similar albeit not as fancy utility called locate. Instead of updating the file index instantly, the locate system runs daily to keep a listing of files on the system. You can then use a command to find the file you re after:
A user s DML statement can never bypass a trigger, but a system administrator can temporarily disable it, which is better than dropping it and then re-creating it if the trigger gets in the way of a data-modification task. To temporarily turn off a trigger, use the alter table DDL command with the enable trigger or disable trigger option: ALTER TABLE TableName ENABLE or DISABLE TRIGGER TriggerName
with an arrow, indicating that it is a shortcut. If you d like to rename the icon, simply right-click the shortcut icon and type in a new name. If you are trying to create a shortcut for an application, you have two options. By right-clicking the application icon, you can either create a shortcut (by clicking the so-named menu), or you can select the Pin to Start Menu option. If you choose the latter, the application shortcut will appear in the upper-left part of the Start menu. However, it will not appear on the desktop. You must also select Create Shortcut in order for it to appear there. We like to maintain a clean, orderly desktop, so we either avoid shortcuts or only pin applications to the Start menu. However, shortcuts are a great way to access often-used files and folders. They can be a real timesaver, too!
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