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Figure 2-49: Boot Camp helps you configure a dual boot between Windows and Mac OS X.
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(slides advance with a mouse click) or the Using timings, if present option (slides advance automatically if timings were set) ( changes to ).
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12: Site Makeovers
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two years away from being the chief executive of the retail banking division of Wells Fargo. The bank had dif culty in forecasting the total paid out in incentive bonuses, and Terri was looking for new perspectives on the problem. She explained her insight with a simpli ed example, as follows. Suppose the number of checking accounts sold per year by employees varied widely but averaged 200. To increase performance, you decide to reward everyone with above-average sales (201 or more), with a $1,000 bonus, while everyone else gets zero. I have heard some in the industry refer to such a hurdle as a champagne moment. On average how much do you need to pay each employee Well, the bonus of the average employee is zero because they don t make the hurdle of 201 sales. So zero must be the average bonus. Right Think again. Roughly half of your employees will be drinking champagne, so the average bonus paid is around $500. Of course, the real problem is more complex, but it should be clear that designing an incentive plan around an average employee is futile.
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The trace of the original impedance is neither rolled up nor squeezed, and thus it is kept in its even shape before and after the inductor is inserted into the impedance matching network, even though the variation of impedance at the high-frequency end is much greater than the variation of impedance at the low-frequency end due to the relation (11.2). In order to expand the frequency bandwidth through the implementation of an impedance matching network, the designer always looks for or tries to create an original impedance trace satisfying the condition (11.3).
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6: Working with Vista s Free Tools
be using your notebook in a hotel room, and if you re anxious to cut back the weight of your carry-on bag, you can probably remove the battery from the notebook and leave it at home. It s a main contributor to your computer s weight. Some notebooks come with a dummy panel that you should install in place of the battery when you do this. The only problem with this approach is that you don t have any protection from power glitches while working.
Axiom 6
Replication represents a critical system in Windows 2000 Active Directory; without it, changes to the directory would not be propagated to other domain controllers, domains, or other trees in the forest. This essential element is important because as names change at any point in the tree (e.g., the root or a branch) the changes flow down (or across) the entire hierarchical structure (across, as the case may be with a forest of trees) (see Figure 6.7).
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