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Once you do find a good podcast like the excellent choice shown in Figure 16-5, you can download individual episodes or, better yet, subscribe. This will ensure that future episodes are automatically downloaded to your PC and, if configured properly, will automatically sync to your phone as well. You can configure how podcasts are downloaded and organized via the Zune PC software s Settings interface, shown in Figure 16-6. Equally important, however, is the Settings interface for the individual podcast, which can be accessed via Collection, Podcasts, and then Series Settings. From this interface, shown in Figure 16-7, you can also determine how the podcast is synced to your phone.
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XRD, UV, I-V characteristics, photoresponse XRD, SEM, AFM, HRTEM, EDX, RBS, I-V characteristics, photovoltaic characteristics, C-V characteristics XRD, SEM, UV, resistivity XRD, SEM, AFM, HRTEM, EDX
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You can find the baseball.txt file on the website for this book:
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Processed 80 pages for database Plan2Recover , file Plan2Recover on file 1. Processed 1 pages for database Plan2Recover , file Plan2Recover_log on file 1. BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed 81 pages in 0.254 seconds (2.590 MB/sec).
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3. What happens when you press F1 while you have a particular window open
Although the iPod gets all the press these days, a popular family of Windows Media Player compatible portable players offers better features and functionality than Apple s devices, and often at a better price. Although it s not possible here to enumerate through every single non-Apple device on the market, mostly because new devices enter the market almost every month, what you re looking for, generally, is a portable device that s made for Windows. Devices that are compatible with Windows Media Player used to be labeled as PlaysForSure-compatible. PlaysForSure was a Microsoft marketing campaign aimed at educating consumers about which devices work seamlessly with Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, Microsoft killed this program, replacing it with the semi-related and pre-existing Made for Windows logo program. For the most part, most Windows-compatible devices work just fine with Windows Media Player, including those made by companies such as Creative, iriver, Samsung, and SanDisk. Even Sony is starting to come around: though its devices were previously compatible only with its own proprietary software, newer Sony devices work just fine with Windows Media Player as well. If in doubt, check the box. Or, do some research first: Microsoft lists compatible devices on its Web site:
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Basic setup of the A700 Setting the image size and quality Setting the Metering mode Setting the ISO Setting the white balance Setting the Drive mode Setting the Focus mode Setting the focus area Reviewing your images
Problem Complex business logic Dynamic DDL Generation Demoralizing a List Crosstab Navigating a hierarchy Cumulative totals, running sums Best Solution Queries, subqueries, CTEs Cursors Multiple assignment variables or cursor Query with pivot or case expression UDF or CTE Cursor
Statistical Description of the Wireless Channel
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