You can t beat magazines for up-to-date information on the latest hardware upgrades. Books are good for background knowledge, but when it s time to buy, scan the recent magazines for reviews and prices. Business Week 1221 Avenue of The Americas, New York, NY 10020
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In this case, product variations means variations in size or part replacement. Some examples are a 4-foot cabinet and an 8-foot cabinet, or a two-button mouse and a three-button mouse. As a simple example, Figure 14.11 shows the familiar robotic arm assembly, but with a variation: one of the arms has been replaced with a subassembly. The subassembly is made of the original replaced part using configurations, and there are configurations of the subassembly, which is again being used as a flexible subassembly.
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Policy and protocol
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System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Current = _ System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.WaitCursor ' Set the Form caption Me.Text = "Simple Upgrade Client" ' Set some button properties With Command1 .Text = "Get Authors" .Font = VB6.FontChangeSize(.Font, 14) .Font = VB6.FontChangeName(.Font, "Verdana") ToolTip1.SetToolTip(Command1, "Click to do nothing") End With
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Octet n 1 contains indicator bits that show whether the optional parameters are present (1) or not (0). ITU-T has de ned three optional parameters and indicator bits: Indicator Bit E H B Optional Parameter Calling line identity Original called address Closed user group information
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Instead of offering a list of relevant concepts for query reformulation, we also considered showing for each original query term a graph of ontology concepts to which it is related. At rst glance this might seem a better approach because it visualizes the structure and connectivity of the ontology concepts, but in our case users found such a richer interface confusing. The architecture underlying the search facility is shown in Figure 12.10. The main component of the search facility is the query handler which gets all incoming user requests from the browser. The query handler calls the search engine for doing the full text search on the CARM and processes the returned results. In addition, the query handler matches the query terms to the ontology and merges the list of related ontology concepts with the results from the free text search engine to generate the output page.
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Introduction: Connecting the Seat of the Intellect to the Seat of the Pants
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In the event that an API doesn t exist to retrieve the data needed, you can use the $wpdb->get_ var() method to retrieve a single value from the database. Simply pass your SQL statement to the method. The SQL that is passed must return only a single field from a single row like this:
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Note: See the section Review and Delete Comments in this chapter to learn more.
The change-control tool on Windows Server 2008 is the Group Policy Management console (GPM console or just GPMC.MSC from the command line). Shown in Figure 24-2, this application is an MMC snap-in from which policy can be applied to the security principals computer, users, and groups of a Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 network.
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Dynamic routing
Figure 13-45: Here, you can change a variety of menu text options and add an optional block of Notes text.
model engineering model A technical demonstration model constructed to be tested in a simulated or actual field environment. The model meets electrical and mechanical performance specifications, and either meets or closely approaches meeting the size, shape, and weight specifications. It may lack the high-reliability parts required to meet the reliability and environmental specifications, but is designed to readily incorporate such changes into the prototype and final production units. Its function is to test and evaluate operational performance and utility before making a final commitment to produce the operational units. Also called Engineering Development Model. model hardware and software feasibility model A hardware or software model constructed to prove or demonstrate technical feasibility. Technical feasibility should be proven at the Preliminary Design Review. model interface simulation A hardware or software interface simulation model used to verify physical and functional interface compatibility. model manufacturing demonstration A sample to demonstrate the results of a critical process. The objective is to confirm the ability to reliably manufacture using the process and to achieve the required results. Results are often provided as evidence at the Critical Design Review. model mock-up A physical demonstration model, built to scale, used to verify proposed design fit, critical clearances, and operator interfaces. Mock-up verification results should be available at the Critical Design Review. model preproduction model Entity built to released drawings and processes, usually under engineering surveillance, to be replicated by routine manufacturing. Provides manufacturing with a model to demonstrate what is intended by the documentation. model production model A production demonstration model, including all hardware, software, and firmware, manufactured from production drawings and made using production tools, fixtures, and methods. Generally, the first article of the production unit run initiated after the Production
Info_Collected message, sent when an OHD trigger has been encountered, may include CollectedAddressInfo only (A), FeatureCode only (B), FeatureCode and ColtectedDigits (C), or FeatureCode and Collected AddressInfo (D). 17.6.2 Messages in the Connection and Connectivity Control Families These messages are sent by SCP and contain call-handling instructions for SSP. The message parameters are listed in Table 17.6-3.
FIGURE 8.18 The Windows Sidebar Properties dialog box
The ef cient use of available spectrum is a key requirement for wireless system design, since spectrum is a nite resource. Due to the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves (see Part II), it is mostly the frequencies between 10 MHz and 6 GHz that are of interest for wireless communications purposes. While this might sound like a lot of spectrum, we have to keep in mind that it is used for a large variety of wireless services, and that furthermore the lower frequency ranges (up to 1 GHz), which are most suitable for large-area services, offer little absolute bandwidth (BW). The regulatory approach for spectrum usage up to now has been to assign a spectral band to a particular service, and even a particular operator; furthermore, most users employ the same transmission technique (PHYsical layer (PHY)). Such a scheme allows detailed network planning and good quality of service, but it is a waste of resources. An alternative approach is cognitive radio, in which users adapt to the environment, including existing spectrum usage. For the further discussion, it is useful to distinguish between two different de nitions for cognitive radio: A fully cognitive radio (also known as Mitola radio, in recognition of the engineer who rst proposed it), adapts all transmission parameters to the environment, i.e., modulation format, multiple-access method, coding, as well as center frequency, bandwidth, transmission times, and so on. While a fully cognitive radio is interesting from a scienti c point of view, it currently seems too complicated for practical purposes. A spectrum-sensing cognitive radio, only adapts the transmission frequency, bandwidth, and time according to the environment. Such cognitive radio is also often called Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA). A key motivation for DSA comes from the fact that with the current, xed, assignments, spectrum is not exploited to its full extent at all times. If, e.g., no active users are present in a cell of a cellular system, the spectrum is unused in this particular area. Similarly, a lot of the spectrum assigned to TV transmission is not used. In general, this problem of white-space spectrum is quite pervasive. For example, investigations in the U.S.A. estimate that in most locations, only 15% of spectrum is used. Figure 21.1a shows the maximum, minimum, and average spectrum usage in an outdoor environment, demonstrating enormous variations of interference power. Figure 21.1b shows that in an indoor environment, the spectrum usage is even smaller, and even on average, mostly thermal noise is present.
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