information resources. One possibility is to completely restructure the information on the website, but this is a huge burden on the information providers researchers for whom the project/author structure is quite natural and, moreover, in a virtual organization it is dif cult to impose that they spend time on what they will mostly see as additional overhead time. Therefore, an alternative solution is not to change the structure of the website too much, but to make it more accessible to users, by providing an extra information access viewpoint that is structured such that expected demand-side questions and interests are the starting point instead of the end point. This is where Semantic Web methods and tools might clearly help. There are several reasons for this. First, they might help, as already pointed out, to limit the time that is spent by the information suppliers. Furthermore, the target groups of the web information are quite clear: researchers in the eld, staff and management of utility industries, and to a lesser extent, a general outside audience that happens to have an interest in IT and energy, smart homes, etc. Accordingly, it is quite possible to form a clear picture of what kind of topics and questions would be relevant to these target groups. Finally, the knowledge domain in which EnerSearch works is relatively well de ned. So, it should be certainly possible to come up with a domain ontology, describing the various important topics and their relationships, that is of good quality and fairly stable. In actual fact, some of the semantic sitemaps shown later are based on a lightweight EnerSearch lunchtime ontology that took the two developers no more than a few hours (over lunchtime) to develop.
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<div class= home_box id= past > <div class= title ></div> <div class= body > <p><%= number_to_currency(Invoice.all_owing)%> outstanding from <%= @invoices.size%> invoice<%= s if @invoices.size > 1 %></p> <table> <% if @invoices %> <% @invoices.each do |i| %> <tr> <td><%= link_to, :controller=> invoices , :action=> show , :id=> %></a></td> <td><%= distance_of_time_in_words( - i. invoice_date)%></td> <td class= money ><%= number_to_currency(i.invoice_ total)%></td> </tr> <% end %> <% end %> </table> </div> <div class= foot ></div> </div> <div class= home_box id= present > <div class= title ></div> <div class= body > <p><%= number_to_currency(Job.active_total)%> pending on <%= @jobs.size %> active job<%= s if @jobs.size > 1 %></p>
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Telephoto lenses get you closer to the subject. The longer the telephoto, the closer you can get. This is especially important when there is no other way to get closer to the subject. When you re trying to get a photo of a lion at the zoo, it isn t possible to just walk up closer, so a longer lens is needed. Using telephoto lenses is an absolute necessity when shooting sports, concerts, and wildlife because there is no way to physically get any closer to use normal lenses. While most people think of telephoto lenses as a way to get closer to the subject, there are some other advantages to using a long lens. Long focal lengths combined with a
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N OT E RAID 0 volumes can still be mirrored, resulting in a RAID 0+1 volume.
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URLs can be sanitized with the esc_url() and esc_url_raw() functions
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16. Notice that the new part is indeed a mirrored copy of the original. You can see that the MADE IN USA text on the bottom is backwards. Fortunately, a configuration exists specifically for this purpose. Change the configuration by selecting For Mirroring in the Configuration Name drop-down list in the External References dialog box, as shown in Figure 16.20. Notice that this configuration removes the extruded text from the model.
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Figure 4-46: You can pin Start menu items to the taskbar.
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However, as the Internet grew, developers found new ways to push the envelope of what HTML could do. From the very outset, designers were looking for ways to emulate the vivid richness of print layouts online. Over time, HTML was enhanced to offer greater stylistic control. Fonts, colors, and even content positioning became possible as innovative developers hacked around with the language. In time, HTML started to show its age. As layouts became more elaborate, the problems of managing the code grew. As I saw at the time, there were two major problems with old-school HTML: The primary means of placing elements on the page became the table tag, which led to massive code bloat (I talk more about that later in this chapter). HTML was being increasingly used to describe content rather than just show it. Like the table problem, this led to pages that became very difficult to manage.
Figure 4.20. The Windows Vista Start menu.
Problem detection
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1. How do you determine whether you have driver files for your devices in Windows Vista 2. What are your options if devices or programs are not compatible with Windows Vista 3. What happens when you install a device without the software that came with it 4. How can you uninstall programs you no longer use 5. How can you remove outdated devices from you computer
To the operating system and applications running in a virtual environment like Windows Virtual PC, the virtual machine appears to be a real PC, with its own hardware resources and attributes. These virtualized systems have no knowledge or understanding of the host machine at all. Though virtual machines cannot rival the performance of real PCs for interactive use they re useless for graphically challenging activities such as modern, action-oriented games, for example they are perfect for many uses. In fact, virtual machines are often used to test software in different environments, or test Web sites and Web applications with different browser versions.
Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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