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11: Digital Music and Audio
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Select the project you want in the drop-down list, and then check the projects it depends on. Visual Studio then creates a build order list based on the dependencies. Click the Build Order tab to see this list. When you select certain projects, other projects may be grayed out in the list. This is done to prevent circular dependencies between projects. For example, if Project1 depends on Project2, then Project2 can't depend on Project1. The compiler would be unable to determine which to build first. An entry can also be grayed out if the system creates the dependency for you. For example, if I add a reference to the HelloWorldLib project from my HelloWorldClient project, the HelloWorldLib project will be checked automatically, and VS will prevent me from unchecking this dependency. Project item build properties One further level of build options exists, and that is at the project item. If you look at the Solution Explorer window, you see that a Solution node represents the container for all the open projects. You can more or less think of this as the Project Group in VB 6. All the open projects are listed underneath it as Project nodes. Underneath a Project node are the Project Items. These items represent files and other items associated with that project. Some of those files are code, whereas others may be supplementary files such as XML files, HTML files, text files, resources, configuration files, and so on. The Visual Studio build manager needs to know what to do with any given file when you run a build. Therefore, each Project Item has a Build Action. If you select a Project Item and then look at the property sheet for that item, you see a drop-down list that specifies the current Build Action for that Project Item. The Build Action property can be one of four values, as specified in Table 18-1. Table 18-1: Build Action Values Value None Description This Project Item will be tracked as part of the project, but no action is taken on this Project Item during a build. This Project Item will be compiled. No action is taken on this Project Item during a build, but this item will be deployed with the project as a content item. This Project Item will be embedded in the output file (for example, EXE) as a resource.
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Figure 6.14. Lifting implementation of the 9-7 filters from [5] according to [37]. The parameters are a = -1.586134342, p = -0.05298011854, y = 0.8829110762, 6 = 0.4435068522, 6 = 1.149604398.
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As mentioned earlier, a Windows 2000 network is dependent on highspeed links between domain controllers for the replication process to work effectively. Therefore, your physical network, especially wide area links and utilization of all links, should meet several conditions when considering the placement of domain controllers and the construction of sites. A network may contain LAN, MAN, WAN, or a combination of these links (see Figure 3.7). Further, these links may appear to have the bandwidth needed to include all of your domains in a single site where replication takes place instantly, but upon further inspection the utilization on these links might be pegged out. There are tools for measuring this information, called network management software, such as Hewlett-Packard s OpenView, which runs on the Windows platform. Your router manufacturer may offer such tools as well. Gathering statistical information of network utilization and link integrity is not only key to a successful Active Directory implementation, but is a good measure of overall network health. When Active Directory fails to replicate, access to network resources will fail, and dependent
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Hole Wizard/Toolbox
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Part II
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Figure 17-13: The code editor You can open the code editor in several ways, based on your preference: You can double-click on an object on a form in the Windows Forms designer, which will bring up the code editor. You can click the "view code" button on the Solution Explorer toolbar, which is the first button on that toolbar. You can right-click anywhere in the forms designer and select View Code from the context menu. Because the IDE has the tabbed documents feature, you can have as many code editor windows open as you like. When a file is open, such as a class file, form, or XML document, they are listed in tabs across the top of the editor window. Figure 17-4 earlier in the chapter showed the tabbed document feature. With the invention of Auto-complete, Auto-list members, and spell checking in the code editor, you do not even have to know even 70% of the language to get applications written.
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Par.32 FacilityStatus. This parameter indicates the status of a line, a private facility, a public or private trunk group, and so on: 0000 0000 0000 0011 Busy Idle
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The DNS Wizard is initiated through the Configure Your Server Webbased console that appears after the first logon. Additionally, this interface
Structure of the duobinary turbo encoder in WiMAX.
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