Just a few years ago, website analytics was an industry dominated by high-priced players, charging hundreds of dollars a month to provide statistics on who visited your site and what they did while there. But with the advent of the free Google Analytics tool, anyone with a website can view almost everything he or she needs to know about the site s performance, with the help of beautiful, easily readable graphics, as shown in Figure 9.7. Figure 9.7 Google Analytics main Dashboard page
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The rst pole is the low-frequency pole and is dominant over the second pole. The magnitude of p1 shows that the voltage gain is 3 dB below its low-frequency value at a frequency
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the Spectrum X ( w ) .
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Starting with Solaris 2.6, many changes were made to the printing subsystem to make life easier for us. Unfortunately, this happened at the same time we were just getting used to the other new way of doing things. One major thing to remember is that this subsystem is not System V. Any remote machine attempting to print to a 2.6 or higher machine needs to refer to it as type BSD. For Solaris 2.6 and above, a file called the printers.conf, which seems to behave quite a bit like the old Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) printcap file, was added. Here is a sample printers.conf file:
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at Mo K ( c = 1.7 mrad). A Si (400) crystal was used in both measurements as a Bragg re ector.
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The HTTP-GET protocol encodes Web Service operation requests and arguments in the URL to the Web Service. The operation is coded as part of the URL string, and any arguments are coded as query string parameters appended to the base URL. For example: http://localhost/ctemp/ctemp.asmx/ctemp Temperature=32&FromUnits= _F&ToUnits=C This URL specifies the Web-addressable entry point for the CTemp Web Service (ctemp.asxm), including the method to be called (also named ctemp). The arguments to the ctemp method are passed as query string arguments to the method request. Similar to the way WSDL documents are generated and returned to requests for such information via a URL to the Web Service entry point file (the .asmx file), the HTTP-GET method of calling Web Service methods is handled by the WebService HandlerFactory class. This class takes the URL and query string parameters as input and translates them into a method call on the appropriate Web Service class implementation.
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Now, as shown in Figure 15.9(b), if two micro strip lines with open-circuited quarter wavelength are connected between P1 and P2, P3, and P4 on this large ground surface, then the AC/RF voltage at points P1, P2, P3, and P4 becomes approximately equipotential, that is, vP1 = vP2 = vP3 = vP4 = 0. (15.24)
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TABLE 22.7
FIGURE 2.22 Various SolidWorks Cursors OK selection Select sketch plane Sketch line
Part III
current shutter speed.
FIGURE 11.34 Packet loss versus jitter compensation buffer length for CSMA/CA used in IEEE 802.11.
Figure 20.1-6 Peer-to-peer communication and PDU ow.
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