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Throughout your plugin code, you should use one of two forms of notation to ensure the gettext API knows to translate the text. Listing 5.13 demonstrates how to use _e() to echo a localized string.
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Embedded Ruby
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Linear Estimation
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27: Leveraging Automattic Products
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Optimizing Search Strategies
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when expressed in terms of residuals relative to the sample median, fared best. This result is theoretically underpinned by the facts that the median absolute deviation
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Any geometer or topologist will confirm that there is no simple relationship between the properties of figures in spaces having a different number of dimensions. In particular, each of the euclidean spaces of two, three and four dimensions has many features which are not found in the other two, and which are not found in spaces of higher dimensions. So the noted difference is typical, rather than surprising. You decide to look for other striking differences between polygons and polyhedra - you are on your own. You go back to the problem of polyhedra with equal numbers of vertices and faces - turn to Frame 21. You go back to the question of polygons becoming more regular through Buffon's process, and investigate what happens to a plane hexagon - turn to Frame 22.
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Figure 10.6 VoFR subframes.
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Directivity Source match Load match Re ection tracking Transmission tracking
In Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble observe that an important part of innovation involves forgetting the old way of thinking about something.3 In what follows I will both introduce new Mindles for grasping uncertainty and encourage you to forget old ones. Did you ever take a statistics course If so, was it the high point of your week Probably not. Now don t get me wrong, some of my best relatives were statisticians: my father and uncle, for example. But although people no longer teach steam locomotion, they do still teach Steam Era Statistics, whose precomputer Mindles look like bicycle equations to most of us and are better off forgotten. Brad Efron, a Stanford University statistics professor who by his own admission is pretty good at Steam Era Statistics, is one of the founding fathers of its replacement, the modern school of Computational Statistics. But according to Efron, As far as what we are teaching new students, statistics stopped dead in 1950. 4
It s a good idea to sample stakeholders early to determine their perceptions of their roles, interests, and impact in terms of the success of the project. It s crazy, for example, to introduce a new incentive system without sampling the sales force or a new pricing policy without talking to customers. The ideal project will include a partnering relationship with the economic buyer; a strategy that successfully persuades all key sponsors to back you; focused and relatively rapid movement of implementers to execute the plan; and stakeholders who can recognize and support their own improved conditions due to the project. Having said all that, if you don t have a relationship with the economic buyer, the odds are stacked greatly against you.
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