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def update @job = Job.find(params[:job][:id]) @job.update_attributes!(params[:job]) if params[:estimate] @estimate = Estimate.find(params[:estimate][:id]) @estimate.update_attributes!(params[:estimate]) end end
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FigurE 16-19: Lock the phone and provide instructions for returning it.
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electrons whizzing around its nucleus. Iridium, by the way, gets its name from the Latin and Greek irid and iris, meaning rainbow, after the rainbow colors of the metal when dissolved in hydrochloric acid. (Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods.) Subsequently, the proposal was pared down to 66 operational satellites, although the name Iridium stuck. After all, Iridium seems to roll off the tongue better than Dysprosium (Dy), the rare earth element with an atomic weight of 66. Dysprosium, by the way is from the Greek dysprositos, meaning hard to get at, which is hardly a good name for a communications technology. The Iridium constellation is now fully launched and is fully operational. Eleven operational satellites and one spare are placed in each of the six orbital planes at altitudes of 421.5 nautical miles. Connectivity between each satellite and the earth is established via 48 highly focused spot beams, each of which has a footprint of approximately 30 miles (50 km). The functioning of the Iridium network, which is the most complex operational constellation at the present, will serve as an excellent example of LEO systems, in general. As illustrated in Figure 11.12, you might initiate a voice call from one Iridium phone to another Iridium phone using a special international telephone number in a block allocated to Iridium. The telephones are slightly supersized versions of cellular phones. Since the frequency band is in the gigahertz range, Lineof-Sight (LoS) is critical, so you either need to be out in the open or you need to stick a little satellite dish on top of your automobile. Your Iridium phone, by the way, is equipped with an antenna the size of a good cigar, which you rst must unfold. Your connection directly to the satellite is supported over the L-band at frequencies of 1.616 1.6265 GHz. If you connect from a landline through a local terrestrial gateway, Ka-band frequencies are used, with 29.1 29.5 GHz on the uplink and 19.3 19.7 GHz on the downlink. Once connected to the satellite, the intersatellite links operate in the Ka-band at frequencies of 23.18 23.38 GHz. (See Table 2.5 for a listing of satellite frequency bands.) The satellite constellation nds the target Iridium phone just like a cellular network nds another cell phone. Each active (powered-up) phone maintains a signaling and control link with the satellite network,
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2. Click the Applications section drop-down arrow, then select the Other section heading. The list of other applications available appears on the right side of the window. 3. Select the check box next to the Screens and Graphics entry, then click the Close button.
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Figure 4.10 Figure 5.1 Figure 5.2 Figure 5.3 Figure 5.4 Figure 5.5 Figure 5.6 Figure 5.7 Figure 5.8 Figure 5.9 Figure 5.10 Figure 5.11 Figure 5.12 Figure 5.13 Figure 5.14 Figure 5.15 Figure 5.16 Figure 5.17 Figure 5.18 Figure 6.1 Figure 6.2 Figure 6.3 Figure 6.4 Figure 6.5 Figure 6.6
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Figure 28-6: The Eclipse IDE main window.
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maybe with very large type. Once they have you sucked into reading the copy and you turn the page to read the rest of the article, you notice that the typeface has gotten smaller. But that s okay. The purpose of the large type was to get you into the article and it worked. Now it s up to the author to keep you reading and turning the pages. In an advertisement, you ve got a lot going against you unless the readers are genuinely interested in your product. And if they are, then you ve got to really grab and keep them. So your rst sentence should be very compelling by virtue of its short length and ease of reading. No long multisyllabic words. Keep it short, sweet and almost incomplete so that the reader has to read the next sentence. If all the elements are designed to get you to read the rst sentence in an ad, then what is the purpose of the rst sentence If you guessed that it is to convey a bene t or explain a feature, that would be impossible. How could a short rst sentence do anything more than get you to read it The correct answer is, of course, The purpose of the rst sentence is to get you to read the second sentence. Nothing more, nothing less. You probably gured this one out already anyway. The Purpose of the Next Sentence Now if you re starting to get a feel for my approach to copywriting and I asked you what the purpose of the second sentence is and you answered, To get you to read the third sentence, you would be absolutely correct. And for those of you who missed that last answer and I asked you what the purpose of the third sentence was and you answered, To get you to read the fourth sentence, congratulations. I think you ve got it. Was there any mention of bene ts Or product description Or unique features Of course not. The only purpose of those rst few sentences in an advertisement is to get you to read the following sentences. True, you may at one point have to start talking about product features or bene ts, but if you lose sight of the fact that your sole purpose at the beginning of an ad is to hold that reader s attention at almost any cost, then you
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CanShowCommands (Public Instance Property)
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be used, but which are not discussed here, are dd and cpio). Most backups are initiated through cron and run in the middle of the night when their impact on performance is minimal and file systems are not likely to be in use. It is considered best practice for file systems to be made inaccessible when they are being backed up so that there is no chance of files changing during the backup operation, possibly corrupting the backups. For some sites, file systems must be available around the clock, and this cannot be done. Some backup software provides options for freezing file systems in ways that allow file systems to remain in use while a stable image is written to the backup media. Commercial backup software, such as Veritas Networker and Legato Networker, sometimes provides significant advantages over home-brew solutions. The most significant of these is a front end that makes it possible for na ve users to retrieve backups of files without expert help. This feature is sometimes complemented by a choice of several versions of the same file (in case the most recently backed up version is not the one required). Another important advantage that commercial backup software often provides is electronic labeling and label verification. With this feature, you don t have to label tapes manually or be concerned that you might overwrite a backup you need. Some free software, such as Amanda (developed at the University of Maryland) also provides a lot of sophisticated features, such as backing up to disk if you forget to insert a tape into the drive. Backup systems with tape robots may make it possible for you to have completely unattended backups and restores. A week or more s worth of tapes can be loaded at once and used in succession. An alternative to robot systems is a high-capacity DLT drive on which a number of backups can be written (excuse the pun) back to back. When backups are done in this way, you ll need to keep track of the number of dump images on the tape to know where to position the tape for a particular restore. The ufsdump utility includes a record of the file system backed up and the date and time of the backup, so it isn t difficult to examine this information and move forward and backward on the media if you find yourself using the wrong day s backup in a restore operation. Other backup options include recently emerging Internet services that allow you to send backup data in encrypted form over the Internet to a physically remote location where your file systems are then securely stored. Although options such as these require that you trust your backups to a remote service organization, the off-site location can be a security advantage. Services such as these should be evaluated with consideration as to the level of security and the subsequent availability of data for recovery. As a security-conscious sysadmin, you will want to be confident that you, and only you, (or you and one or two trusted colleagues) can invoke a restore operation and that you will be able to gain access to your backups in a timely manner; we suggest an hour or less. It is rare these days for systems to back up to local tape drives. Most systems, except for heavy-duty file servers, back up to remote drives. If you ve followed our advice in setting up your file systems, there may be little on each client that you d want to back up. If user s home directories, applications and data, and network services are all housed on file servers, there may be little on a client system that cannot be easily rebuilt from installation media and printouts of configuration files.
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XYZ stages X-ray source Optic #2 XYZ stages Optic #1 (a) Sample XYZ stages
FIGURE 23.14
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for phone calls; Meeting Room 133; American Airlines Flight 133; or whatever). Go nuts, it s your calendar. You can even leave it blank. Start: Events start on a particular day and, optionally, at a particular time. Allday events do not have a start (or end) time, so you can click the All day option if that s the case. End: Events also end on a particular day and, optionally, at a particular time. Calendar: This is a drop-down list box where you specify the calendar to which the event will be attached. If you use multiple calendars, you can drop down the list and pick the appropriate calendar. Availability: With this drop-down, you can specify if you will be busy (the default), free, tentative, or away for the duration of the event. Recurrence: This option allows you to specify the frequency with which the event recurs. Many events will be one-time affairs, so you can leave this option on its default value of No recurrence. But Calendar offers a wealth of possibilities for events that do recur, including daily, every weekday, weekly, every two weeks, and many others. Or you can choose the Custom option to view the Event Recurrence window, shown in Figure 22-18. This window enables you to accommodate virtually any recurrence scenario you could imagine.
In this section, we consider the design of linear-phase biorthogonal wavelets according to Cohen, Daubechies and Feauveau [28]. start the discussion We with the first equation in (8.113), which is the PR condition for two-channel filter banks without delay. We consider an overall delay of 7, that is
Because the time zone list is so long, however, it extends off both the top and bottom of the screen. And as you would in a traditional PC interface, you can scroll up or down in this list. However, this is a touch-based interface. So scrolling doesn t require tapping on arrows or other controls, as with a PC. Instead, you simply flick the screen up or down. Flicking in a downward motion will cause the list to scroll down, thus moving you higher up in the list. Likewise, flicking in an upward motion will cause the list to scroll up, thus moving you lower in the list. These flicking gestures are dynamic, too. So if you flick the screen harder, it will scroll more quickly. And if you flick it gently, it will scroll slowly. It s also worth mentioning that you can stop the scrolling at any time by tapping the screen. When you re done picking a time zone and playing with the incredibly responsive screen tap Next.
offer more realistic photographic printing, but they typically don t handle large paper sizes.
FIGURE 33.7 The second page of the Explode Animation Wizard
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