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12: Getting Help and Support
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The installation of the new CPU (step 8 in the previous section) requires some elbow grease, too. The CPU pins fit very snugly into a non-ZIF socket, and if you don t press down really hard, they may not make proper contact. So, two bits of advice when installing a socketed CPU without the benefit of a lever:
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Figure 2-35: The System Configuration dialog box.
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The DateofHire describes the guide not the base, so the hire-date attribute is not directly dependent on the BaseCamp entity s primary key. The DateOfHire s dependency is transitive in that it goes through the LeadGuide attribute. Creating a Guide entity and moving its attributes to the new entity resolves the violation of the third normal form and cleans up the logical design, as demonstrated in Table 2-8.
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The various types of installations of SolidWorks are fairly straightforward and easy enough for the average user to accomplish. You need to observe some general conditions before installing.
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Wireless Communications
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However, you can assign a component name for a component that is different from the filename only if a special setting is turned off. (The setting defaults to on.) You can access this setting by choosing Tools Options External References Update Component Names When Documents Are Replaced. What the name of the setting has to do with showing a component name in the FeatureManager is not exactly clear, but these are the steps that you have to go through if you want to change how the part and subassembly names display in the assembly FeatureManager. After going through the preceding steps, you still receive the warning message about the filename and the component name. This is apparently an unintended feature, or bug, and should likely say that you cannot turn off both the component name and the component description at the same time. There may be a situation where you want to show a name other than the filename in the FeatureManager. For example, your company may be using sequential part numbers for the filenames that are difficult to read, and you want something descriptive in the design tree so that you do not need a cross-reference sheet next to your computer that equates filenames to meaningful descriptions. If you prefer, you can avoid a lot of problems by just using the part description instead of the filename or the component name. The choice is up to you. One of the problems with using the component description is shown in Figure 12.14, where the user did not enter proper descriptions for the parts, and SolidWorks used the default description in the templates. The tire and spokes use configurations, which display in the figure.
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CheckState (Public Instance Property)
Conditions on the Estimate
EP (15.4%)
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Channel assignment is the process of allocating a finite number of channels to the various base stations and mobile phones in the cellular network. In a system using fixed channel assignment, the channels are assigned to different cells during the network planning stage, and the assignment is rarely altered to reflect changes in traffic levels. A channelis assigned to a mobile at the commencement of the call and the mobile communicates with its base station on this channel until either the call terminates or the mobile leaves the current cell. Dynamic channelallocation, however, assigns a channelthat best meets the channel selection criteria, which may be the channel experiencingthe minimum interference level, depending upon the cost function used. With the growth in the number of subscribers to mobile telecommunications systems worldwide and the expected introductionof multimedia services in handheld wireless terminals, a tremendous demand bandwidth hasarisen. Since bandwidthis scarce and becomfor ing increasingly expensive, must be utilized in an efficient manner. it The main limiting factor in radio spectrum reuse is co-channel interference. In reduced cell-size micro/picocellular architectures, the frequency reuse distance is reduced, thereby increasing the capacity and area spectral efficiency of the system. However, as the channel reuse distanceis reduced, the co-channel interference increases. CO-channel interference caused by frequency reuse is the most severe limiting factor of the overall system capacity of mobile radio systems. The most important techniquefor reducing co-channelinterference is power control, an issue, which will be discussed in detail in the context of adaptive modulation during our further discourse. Interference cancellation techniques [298] or adaptive antennas [299-3011 can also be used to reduce co-channel interference. However, a simpler and moreeffective technique used incurrent systems is employing sectorized antennas [302]. Although handovers necessary in mobile radio systems, they often cause several probare lems, and they constitute the major cause of calls being forcibly terminated. As the cell size is decreased, the average sojourn time or cell-crossing time for a useris reduced. Thisresults
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During disk defragmentation, you might notice that your machine s performance does slow down. This is particularly evident if you have less than 1MB of RAM.
Start and Exit PowerPoint
The Apache Web Server
To adjust the settings for your 3-D screen saver
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