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Select the Convert to Dynamic Disk command from the menu that appears, you will be asked to select a basic disk(s) for conversion. The mini-wizard will ask you to confirm your selection twice before converting your basic disk to a dynamic disk and confirm that you understand the file systems on the disks will be dismounted. Once you do this, it s as simple as clicking OK. However, do realize that if you convert to Dynamic Disk, you will not be able to mount any other operating systems from any other volume on the disk. So, what is the benefit of creating a dynamic disk or converting a basic disk to a dynamic disk It s a great feature for spanning hard drives and creating a combined logical drive. In other words, if you have some smaller hard drives, say 5GB each, around the house, you can create a dynamic drive of 20GB using the four drives. Keep in mind that Windows Vista will allow you to combine up to 32 hard drives.
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FIGURE 17.31 Select and place a fastener.
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If your business plan allows you the option to take remedial action after an uncertainty has been resolved, then the average outcome of your plan will be better than the outcome of the plan based on the average value of the uncertainty. The gas reservoir described earlier in this chapter demonstrates this principle. The average value of the property was more than the value associated with the average gas price because you had the option not to pump if the price fell (see Figure 11.2). Scholtes describes this graphically. Plot a graph of the value of your business plan vs. the possible values of an uncertain number. If it smiles at you, this is good news.3 The average value will be greater than the value based on the average of the uncertain number, as in row 2 of Figure 12.1.
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The one situation where this technique does not work as expected is when you are working on a part in the context of the assembly, with the design tree rolled back. The down arrow simply causes the Rollback bar to roll immediately to the end of the design tree. New in SolidWorks 2007, you can save the model while it is still rolled back. In previous versions, you had to roll to the end of the FeatureManager before saving, and then rollback to where you were and keep working. This made working in Rollback mode fairly frustrating (if you wanted to save the model) and dangerous, as crashing without saving means potentially losing a lot of data.
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Figure 43-1: Simple star schema
Move/Copy Bodies and Combine features
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FIGURE 18.32 Customizing sharing
Placing dimensions with the Rapid Dimension manipulator wheel
These two impedances are connected together in parallel from the single-ended port to the ground. The resulting impedance must be matched and is equal to the conjugated value of Zsn, that is, * Zsn = Rsn jX sn = Za Zb . Za + Zb (4.A.17)
2: Using the Windows Vista Desktop
to change the file type to one other than the default.
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