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the cost assigned between each link and adjust the replication pattern appropriately. The KCC also creates more connectors between domain controllers in the same site to add fault tolerance to the structure, where fewer connections between sites are used with package compression to maximize effectiveness (see Figure 8.8). The issue of manually implementing a site connector does affect the overall replication topology. The topology must be adjusted to accommodate the new site link. It is important to note that the KCC is still instrumental in implementing the overall strategy regardless of implementation of site connectors. Site connectors allow the scheduling
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(4.115f) If one examines the sequence of balance equations, one finds that each involves the next-higher power of k. One terminates this infinite series of balance equations by making the heuristic assumption that the Wiedemann-Franz law can be invoked for these electrons and the heat flow of the electron gas, which is the final term in the energy balance equation, can be approximated in terms of the (electronic) thermal conductivity, K. For large-geometry devices, where the j nternal electric fields are small, and, thus, the carrier heating effects are insignificant, one only needs to consider up to the first moment, and a drift-diffusion model suffices. However, as ULSI devices have been miniaturized, the internal electric fields have gone up, and the spatial variations of the fields have become large, so that the energy balance equation must also be solved.
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Figure 24.11 shows the drawing with the table inserted. To display the table properly, you have to edit the table in the window of the parent document and adjust the border of the table to be exactly how you want it to appear on the drawing. The adjusted table is shown in Figure 24.11. The labeled dimensions were created by simply making reference dimensions and overwriting the <DIM> value in the Dimension Text panel of the Dimension PropertyManager. If you would like to examine this data more closely, the drawing and part are included on the CD-ROM. The drawing is named 24 DT.slddrw. This drawing uses a part Design Table, but you can also place assembly Design Tables onto the drawing. This type of drawing is often called a tabulated drawing.
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To the left of the main window area is the Database pane. In this pane you see four icons for the main database objects you can work with: Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports. Select these icons to determine what appears in the two rightmost panes. For example, to work with your tables, select the Tables icon. You can manually create your own database object, use the Base Wizard to guide you through creating an object, or select an existing object to view or edit.
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Note that Windows Media Player changes a bit when you are watching a DVD movie. The universal media playback control drops the Shuffle and Repeat buttons, which don t make sense in the context of DVD movie playback, and picks up a new DVD button. When you click this button, you ll see the menu shown in Figure 11-23. This provides you with quick access to the root and title menus of the DVD and lets you access other DVD features, like languages, captions, and angles.
Surface bodies are used to split solid bodies for a couple of reasons. In the part shown in Figure 26.10, a surface body was used to make the split instead of a sketch or a plane, because both of those entities split everything in an infinite distance either normal to the sketch plane or in the selected plane. A surface body only splits to the extents of the splitting surface body. If you look closely at the part, you will notice that a plane or sketch would lop off one side of the sphere on top of the object, but the small planar surface is limited enough in size to only split what is necessary. Another advantage to using a surface body is that it is not limited to a two-dimensional cut. The surface itself can be any type of surface, such as planar, extruded, revolved, lofted, or imported. Taking this a step further, the surface is not limited to being a single face, or a body resulting from a single feature; it could be made from several features that are put together as long as it is a single body and all of the outer edges of the surface body are outside the solid body. If you examine the mouse part shown in Figure 26.1, you will notice that it has splits made from multi-feature surface bodies.
SelectedTab (Public Instance Property)
FigurE 6-16: The Zune Albums list.
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Modulated Signal (26 MHz)
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