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When drawing a line in a 3D sketch, the cursor and Origin initially look like those shown in Figure 31.1. The large red Origin is called the space handle, with the red legs indicating the active sketching plane. Any sketch entities that you draw lie on this plane. The cursor also indicates the plane to which the active sketching plane is parallel. The XY graphic shown in Figure 31.1 does not mean that the sketch is going to be on the XY plane, just parallel to it.
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vRL = vRS = 0.1118 V , if RL = RS = 50 W. 3) Pumped-up case : vRL is pumped up from vRS . vRL > vRS , if RL > RS.
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Domain Name System
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cies measured at the port of the current probe calibration jig varies by no more than 1 dB with a constant input level to the power amplifier. A minimum of five points per decade shall be provided. For variations in excess of 1 dB, the input value to the amplifier shall be adjusted to restore the test voltage to its calibrated value. The frequency and the voltage measured on the forward power port of the coupler or power meter shall be noted in the calibration table. When performing the actual conducted immunity test, for each frequency, the output voltage of the RF signal generator shall be adjusted to ensure that the forward power into the RF coupler matches the calibration value previously determined. Test Preparation. To perform conducted immunity tests, the following guidelines should be followed: 1. In general, it is sufficient that only a limited number of current distributions through the EUT are excited, somewhere between two and five conductors at a time. 2. Testing is intended to be performed using the most sensitive cable configurations. Other cables connected to the EUT from the Auxiliary Equipment (AE) should either be disconnected (when functionally allows) or provided with a decoupling network to prevent responses from the AE to influence EUT performance. 3. If the EUT is comprised of a single unit (floor standing), the system shall be placed on an insulating support 0.1 m above the ground reference plane. For table-top equipment, the reference plane may be placed on a table. 4. For EUTs comprised of several units, the test method shall be either of the following: (a) Preferred method: Each subunit is treated and tested separately, considering all others as AE. Coupling and decoupling devices shall be placed on cables to be tested and on subunits considered as the EUT. (b) Alternative method: Subunits that are always connected together by a short cable (i.e., 1 m) and are part of the EUT to be tested can be considered as an integral part of the EUT. Testing is not required on associated interconnecting cables, as these cables are considered internal assemblies of the EUT. 5. The test shall be performed within an intended operating and climatic condition. Temperature and humidity need to be noted in the test report. Adherence to local regulations regarding interference must be complied with respect to the radiated fields from the test setup. If the radiated energy exceeds permitted levels, use of a shielded enclosure will be required to minimize disruption to communication systems. 6. The test shall be conducted with the test generator connected to each of the
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TABLE 12.5 Special relationships to be taken care of in the translation from CC to CD con guration From Bipolar model CC r ro C C Ccs//Rc gm o To MOSFET model CD rgs ro //Cds C gs C gd Rd (gm + gmb) (gm + gmb)rgs
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Figure 6-16: Another hidden wonder: the Reliability Monitor.
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Network speci cs of DITT
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Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Try a wide angle. Shooting close with a wide-angle lens can add a slight
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