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Initial Configuration
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Part I: SolidWorks Basics
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Enable threaded (nested) comments x levels deep Break comments into pages with x comments per page and the first/last page displayed by default
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A long-standing dispute has raged over the effects of file size on speed. Here are the facts: When SolidWorks creates a configuration, it stores information about the 3D geometry and a preview thumbnail of the configuration inside the part file. This makes it faster to access the configuration the next time because it has only to read the data, rather than read other data and then recalculate the new data. As a result, saving the stored data allows you to avoid having to recalculate it.
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Initially designed to be open, services that run on and run the Internet are now being retrofitted with restrictions and security extensions. With every security enhancement, there is an increased sophistication (read: complexity) and, as is often the case, a new and different set of problems. In addition, Internet connections are based on protocols that break network connections (whether connection-oriented or connectionless) into packets that travel freely across whatever routes seem best at the time. Unless precautions are taken to obfuscate their contents (i.e., by using encryption), they can be intercepted and, possibly, altered en route to their destination. At the same time that we are facing these old and new dangers, use of the Internet is increasing faster than the Earth s ozone layer is diminishing. This steady rise of netizens brings additional problems both advertent and inadvertent. Increased traffic leads to potential bottlenecks, service overruns, and increasing activity at Internet sites. There is also a growing population of hackers; most of them grew up on the Web and now use the Internet as a kind of cyberplayground for their malevolent hobby. Many network services could be secured, at least in theory, but they cannot necessarily be secured in isolation (i.e., without consideration of other network services) or across the board on a highly heterogeneous network or the Internet. The most practical solution for many organizations is, therefore, to invest their efforts in single connections to the Internet that are both highly constrained and not very interesting. Fortunately, tools for limiting the risk of participating on the Internet are more or less keeping pace with the dangers. Firewall technology and security-hardened network services are helping sysadmins to maintain some semblance of security on their networks. Office workers are dialing in to their ISPs and then using VPN products to securely connect to their offices. sendmail is refusing to provide lists of email addresses or to relay messages for strangers. Encrypting messages in most client email products is now as simple as clicking a button. In addition, considerable Internet security expertise is available for those with the time to do a little browsing. We highly recommend sites such as (a center for Internet security expertise operated by Carnegie Mellon University) and (a nonprofit research group studying the tools, tactics, and motives of the hacker community) for keeping yourself informed.
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1. Click the Invite People icon (or the Invite button located on the main
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Click the Advanced button, and you can set either of these parameters for your remote session (see Figure 11.27). Click OK twice. To send a request, follow these steps:
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Performance Monitor gives real-time information on how various systems settings and components are performing. This feature allows you to track by the second dozens of processes, which you can add to or delete from a list at the bottom of the pane.
Vd , V9
2. Select the Custom white balance
Part VI: Windows 7 Online
IP Address Classes
This takes you to the final Data Collector Set creation page. (See Figure 10-19.)
25. Set all three PCs to use the same workgroup name (this is a peer-to-peer network we re setting up). Again, in Windows, you d check the Network Control Panel, or the Network Identification tab of the System Control Panel. 26. If you run Windows, make sure each of the three PCs has a unique computer name (also called NetBIOS name). (In Windows, for example, you d set this up with the Network Control Panel, or possibly the System Control Panel.) Keep the name to less than 15 characters and don t put any spaces in it. 27. Turn off all the PCs. 28. Unpack your hub or switch (either will work, although I generally prefer switches, which usually move data around a bit more intelligently and quickly) but don t plug it in to an AC power supply just yet. Figure 7.5 shows a typical small switch; Figure 7.6 shows a small hub. You should place the switch or hub as centrally as possible with respect to the
features a 35 kV, 100 A power supply with a Ag target and a Be end window of 250 m. Many possible applications for portable EDXRF equipment are indicated by AMPTEK, including the study of works of art, alloys analysis and analysis of lead.
technique is used. The letter R indicates that 64B/66B signal encoding is used. The number 4 in 10GBase-LX4 indicates the use of 4 wavelengths through Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM). The W in 10GBase-SW refers to the WAN Interface Sublayer (WIS) that enables compatibility between 10GbE equipment and SONET long haul equipment in a LAN-to-WAN interface scenario. Wireless Wireless LANs (WLANs) offer the obvious advantage of avoiding much of the time and cost associated with deploying wires and cables. This is especially important in a dynamic environment where portability is desirable, such as an of ce where cubicles are frequently recon gured. WLANs have found acceptance in providing LAN capabilities in temporary quarters, where costly cabling soon would have to be abandoned, and in older buildings, where wires are dif cult or impossible to run. WLAN technologies include both RF and IR. The most common approach is that of RF, which involves tting each device with a low-power transmit/receive radio antenna, which traditionally is in the form of a PC card. Newer laptop, tablet, and hand-held computers boast built-in antennas. Frequency assignments for commercial applications generally are in the 2.4- and 5GHz bands. The physical con guration involves a hub antenna located at a central point (see Figure 8.1), such as the center or the corner of the ceiling, where LineOf-Sight (LOS) or near-LOS connectivity can be established with the various terminal antennas. While LOS is not strictly required at these frequencies, it is always desirable and is particularly important at higher frequencies, which suffer greater attenuation from physical obstructions. The hub antenna then connects to the servers, peripherals, and other hosts via cabled connections, which also connect together multiple hub antennas for transmission between rooms, oors, buildings, and so on. In order to serve multiple workstations, spread-spectrum radio technology often is employed to maximize the effective use of limited bandwidth. FrequencyHopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) involves scattering packets of a data stream
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