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After you create a zone, you can populate it with resource records. As you create a zone, the Windows Server 2008 DNS service automatically creates the SOA record and NS record for you. To create new records, right-click the zone in the left pane or right-click the right pane and choose New Host, New Alias, or New Mail Exchanger from the context menu to create A, CNAME, or MX records. Alternatively, choose Other New Records to create other types of resource records. The information that you provide will vary slightly depending on the type of record that you re creating.
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Editing a Detail View
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This section introduces some of the most critical terminology associated with the Sun Management Center. In the sections that follow, we explain how these terms relate to the functionality of the software.
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5.6. Linear Optimal Filters
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electron beams with different energies provide different electron probing regions. At 5 kV electron accelerating energy, the CaSO4 surface region is mostly probed, whereas at 20 kV, many electrons get through the particle and the signal from the surface region is relatively suppressed. Arti cial heterogeneous CaCO3 CaSO4 particles were synthesized, i.e. particles with CaSO4 in the surface region and CaCO3 in the core. X-ray spectra, obtained at 5, 10, 15, and 20 kV electron-accelerating voltages for a heterogeneous CaCO3 CaSO4 spherical particle of 1.5 m diameter, are shown in Figure 7.5.9. The measured characteristic X-ray intensities for the elements in the particle vary differently with the variation of primary electron beam energies. From the observation of different trends, for different elements, of
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10: Working with Part Configurations
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Spectrum analyzer. Agilent Technologies # 2008. Used with permission.
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In the upper-left plot, Zfc is located outside the demarcation circle so that the impedance is in an unmatched state.
1. Open the Control Panel window.
22.6.1 PNNI Routing Protocol Before addressing the signaling part of the PNNI protocol, a few words about the PNNI routing protocol are needed, since it plays a role that affects connection setup. Routing protocols are a basic function of packet networks and are used
13.5 Error Probability in Fading Channels with Diversity Reception
Physical locations
Figure 2.10: Video bitrate versus channel SNR comparison for the adaptive burst-by-burst modem (AQAM) with a realistic one TDMA frame delay between channel estimation and mode switching for three setsof switching thresholds as described Table 2.4. The channel the in parameters were defined in Table 2.1 [ 1841 Chemman, Wong, Hanzo, 2000 OIEEE.
The security model. This model speci es how information is securely and safely accessed. LDAP adopted Kerberos password authentication and has since added additional authentication layers with the inclusion of the Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL). This SASL provides a tiered architecture for a multitude of service providers. Version 3.0 of LDAP also supports the secure socket layer (SSL) of TCP/IP, which was developed independently by the Internet community. Windows Server 2008 supports SSL in its browser; Internet Explorer also supports SSL in its Web server, IIS. The functional model. This model speci es the methods for querying and modifying the directory objects. It includes operations to add entries and to edit, to populate the attribute elds, to delete, and to query objects in the directory. The topological model. This model speci es how directory services integrate or interoperate with other compliant directories. The ability of LDAP directories to refer or defer to other directories is inherent in this model.
6.67 Big Ben, arguably the world s most recognizable clock tower, is an integral part of London. The photo also has a part of the London Eye in the background, showing the old and the new. Shot at ISO 100, f/9, 1/400 second.
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