This setting disables using the MySQL OLDPASSWORD() function, which uses an older, less-secure encryption algorithm to generate passwords. The debian.cnf configuration file contains a user account configuration for a special MySQL user account called debian-sys-maint. The debian-sys-maint user account is used by Debian systems to automatically clean and repair MySQL tables at boot time. The script that performs that function is the debian-start script.
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Table 4.1.2 Expected performance gures of the DEPFET focal plane detector Integration and readout Readout time per row (128 channels) Total readout time Integration: readout time Window mode Response to radiation QE @ 50 eV QE @ 100 eV QE @ 272 eV (C K ) QE @ 1.740 eV (Si K ) QE @ 8050 eV (Cu K ) QE @ 10 000 eV QE @ 20 000 eV Depletion depth Rejection ef ciency of MIPs Response to radiation QE @ 50 eV QE @ 100 eV QE @ 272 eV (C K ) QE @ 1.740 eV (Si K ) QE @ 8050 eV (Cu K ) QE @ 10 000 eV QE @ 20 000 eV Depletion depth Rejection ef ciency of MIPs Spectroscopy Fano noise at 5.9 keV System noise System noise with RNDR
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The Flaw of Averages in Naval War Games
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Testing a Satisfaction Conviction
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Fig. 4.7
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Tools toolbar ...over here.
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(using symmetry of J ) :
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Inherited methods
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In this section you can alter the settings for the calendar and tasks software in Evolution. This section contains five tabs of settings:
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21: Managing E mail and Contacts
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Delay cross spectral density Ph( t,t)
Many SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition topics on MSDN apply to SQL Everywhere:
De ning an ontology language as an extension of RDFS means that every RDFS ontology is a valid ontology in the new language (i.e. an OIL processor will also understand RDFS). However, the other direction is also available: de ning an OIL extension as close as possible to RDFS allows maximal reuse of existing RDFS-based applications and tools. However, since the ontology language
Add Sounds Adding a sound when a transition occurs can provide emphasis or alert audience members to an important point. For example, you could display the slide that tells your viewers that you have broken last year s sales record while playing a drumroll.
Note also that an integration of the ADPS over recovers the PDP. The azimuthal spread is de ned as the second central moment of the APS if all MPCs are incident in the horizontal plane, so that = . In many papers, it is de ned in a form analogous to Eq. (6.39) namely: S = APS( ) 2 d APS( ) d APS( ) d APS( ) d
The Realities of the Flat World Uplink Scrambling Codes The UL scrambling codes in UTRA can be classified into long scrambling codes and short scrambling codes. A total of 224 UL scrambling codes canbe generated for both long andshort codes. the Long scrambling codesare constructed fromtwo m-sequences using the polynomials of l+X3+X25 1 + X + X 2 + X 3 + X 2 5 , following the procedure highlighted Proakis [5] and by in order to produce aset of Gold codesfor the I branch. The Q-branch Gold codea shifted is version of the I-branch Gold code, where a of 16,777,232 chips recommended. Gold shift was codes are rendered different from each otherby assigning a unique initial state to one of the shift registers of the m-sequence. The initial state of the other shift register is a sequence of logical 1 . Although the Gold codes generated have a length of 225 - 1 chips, only 38,400 chips (10 msat 3.84 Mcps)are required in order to scramble aradio frame. Short scrambling codes are defined from a family of periodically extended S(2) codes. This 256-chip S(2) code was introduced to ease the implementation of multi-user detection at the BS [31]. The multi-user detector has to invert the so-called system matrix [68], the dimension ofwhich is proportional to the sum of the channel impulse response duration and the spreading code duration. Thus, using a relatively short scrambling code is an important practical consideration in reducing the size of the system-matrix to be inverted. Downlink Scrambling Codes Unlike the case for the UL, only Gold codes are used on the DL. The DL Gold codes onthe I branch are constructed fromtwo m-sequences using the polynomials of 1 X 7 X'' and 1 X 5 X 7 XIO X". These Gold codes are shifted by 131,072 chips in order to produce aset of Gold codes for Q branch. the Although a total of 2l' - 1 = 262,143 Gold codes canbe generated, only 8192of them will be used as the DL scrambling code. These codes are divided into 512 groups, each of which contains aprimary scrambling code and 15 secondary scrambling codes. Altogether there are 5 12 primary scrambling codes and 8192 = 7680 secondary scrambling - 512 codes. Each cell is allocated one primary scrambling code, which is used on the CPICH and PCCPCH channelsof Table 1.5. This primary scrambling code be used toidentify the BS will for the MS. All the other physical channels belonging this cell can use either the primary to scrambling code or any of the 15 secondary scrambling codes belong to the same group, that
Port 1 Zo=50 W Zo
FIGURE 27.7 The Thicken PropertyManager
Several functions are available through this interface for Toolbox parts: n You can offer alternate filenames. n You can disable specific sizes. n You can add custom property information. n You can limit the available lengths. n You can limit the available thread types. Available thread types are shown in Figure 17.20.
Configuring Software Repositories
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6. Click Continue to add or remove more applications, or click the Close button to close the Add/Remove Applications dialog box. All components from the installed application, including the menu entry, should now be removed from your system. The Add/Remove Applications tool is a great way to painlessly test out new applications. If you decide you don t like the application, you can easily remove it without any hassle!
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