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Shell). The syntax for this command (which can vary slightly from server to server, but will likely be the same) looks like this:
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Lighting Practice Picture: This photo was taken forty minutes after sunset. The sky was starting to turn dark blue, and the lights in the buildings were all visible. The lights from the cars traveling on the road merge into a constant stream of light. On Your Own: To get the light trails to stand out, look to shoot after sunset. The light needs to be low enough that the shutter can be left open long enough to turn the individual car lights into a solid stream of light. Lens Practice Picture: I used an 18-200mm zoom lens with the focal length set to 35mm. The use of the zoom made life easier to adjust the focal length when at the bridge. Because there is a high guard fence on the bridge, the zoom made it easier to shoot bars. On Your Own: Any lens will work for this type of photography. Camera Settings Practice Picture: I set the camera to manual mode and the shutter speed to 10 seconds. I then set the aperture to f/5.6 and took the rst exposure. After checking the exposure on the LCD, and seeing that the scene still looked a little too light, I adjusted the f-stop to f/8 and took another exposure. This one was a little better, but the sky still looked a little too light, so I moved the aperture to f/11. After checking the third shot, I was happier with the exposure. Because the light was starting to fade even faster, I took another 18 exposures, adjusting the shutter speed slightly each time; but in the end, it was the third exposure that looked the best. On Your Own: The most important part is to shoot multiple exposures of the scene. While the LCD is great for previewing the image, the light sets pretty fast, and studying each image for too long results in less time to actually shoot. It is better to shoot rst and study later. Use the screen to make quick adjustments to the exposure and keep shooting. Exposure Practice Picture: ISO 100, f/11, 10 second exposure. On Your Own: To get the whole scene in focus, an aperture of f/11 was used. If the background doesn t need to be in focus, a wider aperture can be used, but that could cause a shorter shutter speed, which might not let enough light into the scene to get the trail effect. Accessories A tripod was a necessary accessory. There was no way to handhold a camera steady for 10 seconds.
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49: Finding Web Services
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Read Me First
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Figure 6.6. The Documents menu bar.
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Part 3: Managing Your Workstation
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Item Requirement
Working with Assemblies
Here, you re styling the h1, p, and li tags with the same properties. You re setting both the typeface and the color of those elements. When you have values that are more than one word, you must surround them with quotes. But what s up with that value for color In HTML, you can specify color values by using either one of the set keywords (such as red, blue, and orange) or a hexadecimal value. The latter method is preferred because of its accuracy; after all, why settle for any arbitrary blue The hexadecimal value consists of three sets of two hexadecimal characters, each representing the red, green, and blue values. A hexadecimal value is a range of characters from 0 to 9, followed by A to F. When you put two of them together, you get a value for each color; the higher the value, the more there is of that color. Table 5-1 shows a range of color values to demonstrate how they work.
(c) Show that we can nd the average spatial throughput of a user randomly walking about in the coverage area of an access point by
The benefit to large conglomerated companies.
Notably, the update_nag() function has been hooked in with a priority 3. In order to remove a hooked function, it must be removed with the same priority that it was added, as shown in Listing 15.2.
Fig. 5.10
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