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Part IV
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When I was only 20 years old, my father sent me to New York
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Figure 12.18 Snap-in.
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ductive image targets and by mid-1948 they were producing very promising targets. A little later, when good-looking sealed-off tubes were becoming available, I tried to call them photocons but that name didn t stick because of some prior use of the word. The tube finally became known as the vidicon, and about that time Zworykin asked me to build a tiny (for those days) camera around them. The vidicon has many of the good qualities of the image-orthicon in terms of light sensitivity and resolution, even though the tube is many times less complex and far less costly in its construction. However, since the image-orthicon was still the star and a major profit maker for RCA, it was necessary to give the vidicon second billing in a noncompetitive, off-street play entitled Industrial Television. As soon as production quantities of vidicon cameras became available, they found immediate use in everything from surveillance to classroom microscope magnifiers and for just about everything else that human beings use cameras for. Wherever there is something that needs to be seen in places too hazardous, too uncomfortable, or unreachable, the vidicon camera found immediate application. It was a natural for underwater rescue equipment and such things as the inspection of sewer pipes. Some of the first cameras were welcomed in the Holland Tunnel to assist with traffic control, but at Sing Sing prison they met immediate resistance when placed there for general surveillance. The military could think of hundreds more places where they needed small television cameras, all the way from controlling the flight of a drone airplane to sending pictures back from outer space. It wasn t long before we were actually looking down on our own earth and its weather patterns from satellite-mounted vidicon cameras. It is notable that it was a vidicon camera that gave us that intimate view of the first human foot that was placed on the moon, by Neil Armstrong in 1969. When the vidicon camera was ready to be promoted for industrial applications in 1949, Zworykin and I were invited to lunch with the RCA board of directors in Sarnoff s prestigious private dining room atop the RCA building. After lunch, Zworykin explained the important features of the new tube while I panned the little camera over the group and onto the New York skyline, much to the board s enthusiastic approval. As it turned out, RCA was not the only company in the world studying photoconductive television camera tubes. A few years
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Read about IE7 in 3.
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Normal scores estimate I .ooo 1.014 1.026 Hodges-Lehmann 1.047 1 .05 1 1.056 H 14 I .047 1.050 I .054 A 14 1.047 1.050 1 .OS4 10%trimmed mean 1.061 1.064 I .067 1.068 I .065 I .065 1.077 1.090 1.084 1.084 1.095 7.453 6.752
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A hiring manager scans resumes only for a minute, looking for a key word or work experience, before discarding them, despite the money invested in the ad campaign and quality hiring initiative you re working on. A vice president returns his first class airplane tickets to which he is entitled for coach tickets, and either pockets the difference or uses it for his wife s expenses to accompany him.
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Table 14-4 MySQL Date Data Types
SELECT au_lname AS LastName FROM Pubs.dbo.Author
In order for NIS to operate successfully, we have to construct a list of the NIS servers. Please continue to add the names for yp servers in order of preference, one per line. When you are done with the list, type a Ctrl+D or a return on a line by itself.
The phrase impedance matching comes out of RF circuit designers mouths almost every day. They were told by their supervisors that impedance matching is a must skill in circuit design. On the other hand, such terminology is never heard among the digital circuit designers. Their supervisors told them, Ignore that foreign language. Just focus on the eye diagram or waveform. It is not just digital circuit designers who ignore impedance matching. Even some RF circuit designers discovered something new in their advanced RFIC design. While it was necessary to take care of impedance matching in RF module design and in RF blocks built by discrete parts, where the incident and re ected power in the circuit really existed, they thought it meaningless to take care of impedance matching in an RFIC circuit design, because the size of an IC die is so small. Up to their assertions, in the IC realm the design methodology for the RF circuit should be more or less the same as that for the digital circuit. Since then, they have designed RF circuit blocks by the same method as that for digital circuit blocks. All of the individual RF blocks are simply crowded together since impedance matching between the individual blocks is not necessary. Their design methodology for RF blocks is named the combo or jumbo design. Theoretically, they thought that all kinds of circuitry must obey Ohm s Law and follow KCL and KCV rules without exception. So, whence the difference in design methodology From their viewpoint, it seems unnecessary to divide the circuit design team into an RF and a digital circuit design group. RF circuit designers would be very happy if the impedance matching was unnecessary because it is the most dif cult task in RF circuit design, especially in RFIC design for the UWB system. Unfortunately, the design experience indicates that the combo or jumbo design philosophy is absolutely wrong. For instance, without impedance matching, an LNA becomes a noisy attenuator or an oscillator in an RFIC chip. Without impedance matching, a mixer would become a real mixer indeed, blending all desired signals and undesired interference or noise together! The key point to resolve in the controversy is whether the concept of voltage or power re ection is available in both RF and digital circuitry or not. Should the re ection of voltage or power not exist in a practical circuitry, the idea of a combo or jumbo design could be a correct design methodology. On the other hand, should the re ection of voltage or power exist in a practical circuitry, impedance matching would be important for power transportation or manipulation in a circuitry and then, the idea of combo or jumbo design would be an incorrect design methodology. As a matter of fact, the existence of power or voltage re ection can be deduced from a rough analysis of an RF block. For example, without impedance matching, the insertion loss of a LC passive lter could be signi cant. However, if the Q values of the inductors or capacitors are high, the LC passive lter itself should not conceivably produce wear and tear on the power. This signi cant insertion loss
In other words, hydrogen is being introduced to the interface by water, and during hot-carrier stressing, this hydrogen reacts with the interface, resulting in an interface state and releasing molecular hydrogen.
Fig. 5.3 three of the points where the joins meet lie on a straight line (dashed in the figure). If the points are labelled 1, 2, 3, and 1', 2', 3', then the first marked point is the meet of 12' and 21', and similarly for the other two marked points. This theorem, like Pappus' cross-ratio theorem, has the remarkable feature that it has nothing to do with either lengths or angles. In the seventeenth century, Gerard Desargues (1593-c. 1662) and Blaise Pascal (1623-62), the philosopher, theologian and mathematician, had also discovered theorems with the same property; these led eventually to the creation in the nineteenth century of projective geometry. Pascal discovered the theorem named after him when he was only 16. It says that if you take any six points on a conic, which could be an ellipse, a parabola or a hyperbola, and join them in the same order as in Pappus' theorem, then the three marked crossings (see Fig. 5.3) lie on a straight line. This looks much like Pappus' theorem, and indeed the latter is a special case of Pascal's, because a pair of straight lines can be thought of as a 'degenerate' conic. The standard conics can be obtained by slicing a double cone with a plane (Fig. 5.4). If the plane passes through the vertex of the double cone, the slice shows a pair of straight lines. Fig. 5.4
Part III
Common signaling channel Channel-associated signaling subchannels
is transmitted (compare Section 20.2). Of course, the communication protocol must have a means to assign to each relay which antenna it is, and therefore, which sequence of data (c1 c2 ....) or (c2 c1 ....) it should send out. Since the Alamouti code is a rate-1 code, the spectral ef ciency of the transmission is better than for the relaying on orthogonal channels, where the rate (during the second phase of the relaying) is only 1/2 (for the case of two relays). When using more relays, the spectral ef ciency of relaying with orthogonal space time codes decreases somewhat: for K > 2, no rate-1 orthogonal space time codes exist. For K = 3 or 4, the achievable rate decreases to 3/4. Still, this is much better than orthogonal relaying, where the rate decreases as 1/K. A further practical problem arises from the fact that the number of participating relays changes, depending on how many relays are able to decode the message from the source. Fortunately, this does not impact the operation of distributed space time codes signi cantly: if a relay does not receive a message from the source, it simply does not transmit (which for the RX looks like that particular antenna is in a deep fade). The decoding operation of the RX is therefore not impacted.
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