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Figure 8-2: Firefox with the History sidebar open.
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Axiom 9
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Networking Windows Server 2008
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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When planning indexes, there s a subtle tension between serving the needs of select queries vs. update queries. While an index may improve query performance, there s a performance cost because when a row is inserted or updated, the indexes must be updated as well. Nonetheless, some indexing is necessary for write operations. The update or delete operation must locate the row prior to performing the write operation, and useful indexes facilitate locating that row, thereby speeding up write operations.
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The measure of tangency has some tolerance. Users cannot control the tolerance, nor does the documentation say what it is. If SolidWorks says two faces are not tangent at an edge, you can believe that, but if SolidWorks says that the faces are tangent, you still have to ask how tangent. That is the question that Deviation Analysis can answer.
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The PowerPoint program provides various views and tools you can use to build a presentation that includes words, graphics, and media. PowerPoint enables you to accomplish the following tasks to design and build a presentation.
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TABLE 2.2 Electromagnetic Signal Propagation Velocity (Approximate) [5, 6] Medium Vacuum Air Copper cableb Water Te onc Optical ber Polyethylene; polypropylenec Polyvinyl Chloridec
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(a) Undepleted n - silicon Depleted n - silicon
If you are familiar with older versions, the Fully Define Sketch function was formerly called Auto Dimension, and has absorbed the functionality of Scan Equal and Add Relations. This function is very useful when used with imported data. If you do not like the automatic dimensioning scheme, you can at least take advantage of the automatic sketch relations.
7: Selecting Features
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Problem 121
Channel Impulse Response of a Point with 4.6 m Tx-Rx Distance BW = 3 GHz
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The condition is the core of the if-then statement. You can use conditions to compare just about any data type and value. However, Ruby does have specific rules for comparing data types. Unlike some of the other scripting languages (like Perl), Ruby uses the same comparator symbols for both numerical and text values. These symbols are shown in Table 29-2.
Using Descriptive Tags
Some of the efforts you take to reduce the cost of your PPC campaigns can also lead to improved click-through rates. It s essential that you work toward increasing these rates. Even though more clicks drive up the cost of your PPC campaign, they also lead to more sales or conversions. Aside from the efforts that you ve already seen (like dayparting and better targeting) you can also improve your click-through rates by improving the ad copy in your PPC campaigns. Ad copy is covered in more depth in 12, but for now you should know that there are a few strategies for beefing up that copy. Include special offers or incentives in ad text. If you have coupons to offer, discounts available, or even free gifts with purchase or other special offers and incentives, be sure those are included in your PPC ad text. People are drawn to specials, and advertising them should draw more people to your site. Consider including price in ads for products and services. Many people shy away from advertising their prices, but those prices (especially if they re real bargains) can entice customers. If you have great prices, tell the world. Just make sure you check out the competition before you decide you have the best prices on the Internet.
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