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Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
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You should make in-context references between parts where there is no relative motion. The parts themselves can move relative to the rest of the assembly, but they should remain stationary relative to one another. The parts should also be fully defined to ensure that they will not move; you should not simply count on avoiding dragging underdefined parts. In some cases, such as an assembly of imported parts, it may make sense to fix parts in bulk rather than to mate them. When you are using in-context relations, you need to take extra care to ensure that the parts do not move around. When parts move around, in-context features also move. Obviously, if the motion is around a circular hole and the in-context feature is circular and is not affected by the rotation of the referenced part, then it makes less difference; however, if there is a keyway, that may change things. You need to pay attention when combining underdefined parts and in-context features.
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Pierce relation
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The Document Pane
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Now that you see how arrays and hashes work, let s see how they are often used together. In Ruby in general and Rails in particular, you ll find yourself creating arrays of hashes that is, collections of individual objects that store multiple values. If you consider the example of myCar, you can imagine it might be more useful if I had a whole bunch of car hashes one for each of the cars in my vintage collection of sports cars or maybe the cars on my lot if I m a used car salesman. In Ruby, you might collect those objects this way:
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The following code example assigns to Mr. Frank a date of birth and then retrieves the proper names of some of the portions of that date of birth using the datename() function:
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Wireless LAN 1C Industry 139
If the noise-coupling mechanism can be ascertained, a logical solution can be determined to reduce coupling between source and receptor. Use of instrumentation (analyzers, scopes, antennas, sniffer probes, simulation software, etc.) can help isolate problem areas and permits implementation of design techniques and procedures to achieve EMC. The process of radiation between a source and receptor involves transference of an EM field through a propagation path that does not involve a metallic interconnect. Various modes of radiated coupling include transfer of EM energy from adjacent equipment through free space and natural coupling between similar EM environments such as power lines. A receptor may also receive EM noise or interference from exposure to connectors, signals, or other transmission lines within a product or circuit. 2.2.1 Common-Impedance Coupling Common-impedance coupling develops when both source and victim share a transmission path through a common impedance. The most frequent example of com-
Uninstalling or removing Windows Vista
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Implementing Your Solution
Multiplication assignment operator
a separate wavelength, with all channels delivered simultaneously in analog format. FiOS delivers an aggregate of 622 Mbps downstream, with 32 splits, thereby yielding raw bandwidth of over 19 Mbps to each premise. The service offerings are detailed in Table 9.8. The Verizon service includes up to nine e-mail accounts, Yahoo! or MSN Premium service, and 10 MB of personal Web space. The inside wire to the wired or wireless router must be upgraded to Cat 5 UTP. If a wireless router is used, 802.11b is acceptable for the low-speed service offering but 802.11g is required for the two higher speed offerings. The customer is responsible for providing an electrical outlet close to the location where the ONT is to be mounted in order to provide power to the battery backup unit. The core offering of the English language FiOS Premier TV is available at $39.95 per month, while the Spanish language La Conexion is available for $27.95, assuming that the subscriber also has Verizon voice service. Prices are slightly higher for standalone TV service. Various other packages, add-ons, ondemand content, and Pay-Per-View (PPV) services are additional. As many as 350 TV channels are available in total. Pricing is sensitive to bundling, with the lowest prices offered to those subscribing to the full triple play of voice, Internet access, and TV service. While Verizon FiOS is not available everywhere in Verizon territory, the company spent over US$1 billion in 2005 on FiOS-related capital expenditures. At an estimated cost of $1250 $1350 per premises for FTTP, $1 billion can go pretty quickly [61]. AT&T (previously SBC) largely is taking a dual approach in its US$4 billion capital initiative known as Project Lightspeed. In most new subdivisions and other green eld scenarios, the company will employ FTTP. In brown eld scenarios, the company favors a hybrid ber/copper approach, which it calls Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN), with each node delivering 20 25 Mbps to as many as 300 500 homes. AT&T will use copper to provide ADSL and VDSL services from the node to the customer premises. As the UTP portion of the loop is shortened considerably in an FTTN scenario, many of the associated performance issues are much reduced. BellSouth has taken a relatively passive Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC) approach which is quite complementary to the AT&T approach, and that fact quite likely had some impact on the merger discussions between the two companies [62, 63]. FTTN costs are estimated to be in the range of $250 for overlays, which compares favorably with the cost of FTTP. Elsewhere, EPON is being aggressively deployed in Japan, where it is known as GigE PON (Gigabit Ethernet PON), and is the overwhelming choice throughout Asia. PON spending and penetration levels in Japan currently far exceed those in the United States, while Europe currently lags well behind.
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