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function highlight(element) { $(element).addClassName( red ); }
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Event Buy As Transact Event Sell As Transact You could also add 600 other events like this if you felt that they were necessary. End Class Public Class Broker Public WithEvents Client As Investor Sub New() Client = New Investor() End Sub
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2. Derive the smallest frequency separation for orthogonal binary frequency shift keying. 3. In the EDGE standard (high-speed data in GSM networks), 3 -shifted 8-PSK is used. Sketch 8 transitions in the signal space diagram for this modulation format. What is the ratio between average value and minimum value of the envelope Why is it that -shifted 8-PSK cannot be used 4 4. MSK can be interpreted as offset QAM with speci c pulse shapes. Show that MSK has a constant envelope using this interpretation. 5. Consider two functions: f (t) = and g(t) = 1 (t/T ) (30.24) 1 0 < t < T /2 2 T /2 < t < T (30.23)
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For the example shown in Fig. 10.11, the interarrival delay among the multipath signals is greater than the width of the base of the autocorrelation function, and the delay spread is less than the information bit interval Tb . However, these conditions do not apply in every situation. For instance, if the delay spread of the channel is greater than Tb , this means that the data rate is greater than the coherence bandwidth of the channel, and we have ISI. To avoid interference between detected information symbols, the data rate should be kept well below the coherence bandwidth of the channel.2 When consecutive signal paths arrive with delay differences greater than the chip duration Tc , the correlator output will exhibit separate peaks, as shown in Fig. 10.11. If the delay between two consecutive paths is signi cantly less than the chip duration, the two paths will merge and appear as one path equivalent to the phasor sum of the two actual paths. Thus, as the signal bandwidth is made narrower, the chip duration becomes correspondingly longer, and fewer isolated paths can be resolved at the correlator output. Of course, as paths merge, the uctuations in their amplitudes and phases produce an overall uctuation in the phasor sum, which we observe as fading. Example 10.7: Multipath Reception in IS-95 DSSS The symbol transmission rate of the reverse channel of the IS-95 CDMA system is 4800 S/s, which provides for a 9600-bit/s offset QPSK transmission rate. The chip transmission rate of this standard is 1.25 megachips/s(Mc/s). (a) The base of the received pulses at the output of the correlator is 2Tc = 1/1.25 Mc/s = 1600 ns, which is very large to resolve the indoor multipath conditions discussed in 5. The CDMA speci cations considered for thirdgeneration systems offer several times higher chip rates (wider bandwidths), which allows improved multipath resolution in indoor areas. In comparison, the chip rate of the IEEE 802.11 DSSS was 11 Mc/s, which resolves multipath spread on the order of 180 ns, which is much more suitable for indoor multipath conditions. (b) The distance between two peak of the correlator output at the IS-95 receivers is Tb = 1/4800 bits/s = 2.08 ms. As a result, channel multipath spreads on the order of 2 ms can not cause ISI in the system. Since the maximum multipath spread occurs in outdoor areas and never exceeds several tens of microseconds, this system does not suffer from an ISI problem. If we operate with chip duration short enough to resolve individual paths, we can design a receiver to take advantage of multiple paths to provide diversity and enhance the reliability of the decision on each received information symbol. This sort of diversity is referred to as implicit, internal, in-band, or simply, time diversity. In a DSSS system, a receiver that combines the multipath components optimally as part of the decision process is referred to as a RAKE receiver. A typical RAKE receiver structure for a DSSS system is shown in Fig. 10.13. The received signal is passed through a tapped delay line, and the signal at each tap is passed through a correlator similar to the one used for standard DSSS receivers. The outputs of the correlators are then
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RTF (Public Instance Property)
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Modulated Carrier
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MoveToFirstAttribute MoveToNextAttribute Read ReadAttributeValue
The best way to create this view is to either create two configurations used exclusively for the Alternate Position View or to have two configurations where you know that parts will not be moved, suppressed, or hidden. The main idea is that you need to ensure that these configurations remain in the same position or are changed intentionally, knowing that it will alter this drawing view. n
Transaction integrity theory can seem daunting at first and SQL Server has numerous tools to control transaction isolation. If the database is low usage or primarily read-only, transaction locking and blocking won t be a problem, but for heavy-usage OLTP databases you ll want to apply the theory and working knowledge from this chapter using these strategies. Because locking and blocking comprise the fourth optimization strategy, ensure that strategy one through three are covered before tackling locking and blocking: 1. Begin with the optimization theory: Start with a clean simplified schema to reduce the number of unnecessary joins and reduce the amount of code used to shuttle data from bucket to bucket. 2. Use efficient set-based code, rather than painfully slow iterative cursors or loops. 3. Use a solid indexing strategy to eliminate unnecessary table scans and to speed transactions. To identify locking problems, using the Activity Monitor or SQL Profiler. To reduce the severity of a locking problem, do the following: Evaluate and test using the read committed snapshot isolation level. Depending on your error handling and hardware capabilities, snapshot isolation can significantly reduce concurrency contention. Check the transaction-isolation level and make sure it s not any higher than required.
One way to visualize Sketch Onto Sketch projection is to think of it as being the reverse of a 2D drawing. In a 2D drawing, 3D edges (you can think of the edges as curves) are projected onto orthogonal planes to represent the edge from the Front or Top planes. The Sketch Onto Sketch projection takes the two orthogonal views, placed on perpendicular planes, and projects them back to make the 3D edge or curve. This is part of the attraction of the projected curve, because making 3D curves accurately is difficult if you do it directly by using a tool such as a 3D sketch spline; however, if you know what the curve looks like from two different directions, then it becomes easy. Figure 7.25 illustrates this visualization method. When you think of describing a complex 3D curve in space, one of the first methods that usually comes to mind is describing it as two 2D curves from perpendicular directions, exactly in the same way as you would if you created projected drawing views from it. From this, it makes sense to see the creation of the curve as the reverse process, drawing the 2D views first, from which you can then create the 3D curve.
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Using reference dimensions on the driving (independent, or right) side of the equation can in some situations require more than one rebuild to arrive at a stable value (meaning a value that does not change with the next rebuild). SolidWorks issues a warning when it sees that you are using a reference dimension in an equation, but it does allow it.
the Broadcast view.
Notice that you can supply a filename for looking at data from some earlier date. If you do not provide a filename, sar uses the current day s data file. You can also specify a begin (i.e., s for start ) and end time to focus in on a particular portion of a day and an interval for the time for which you want this data summarized. However, it makes little sense to use anything other than a multiple of the interval at which the data was collected. If your data was collected every 20 minutes (as is the default), look at each 20-minute interval or summarize the data every 40 minutes or every hour. Like many other performance commands, sar can be run with both an interval and a count (the number of intervals). If you run the command sar -A 10, you will get a 10-second summary of all counters. If you use the command sar -a 20 30, you will get thirty 20-second summaries of file access data.
FIGURE 23.11
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