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How the directory information is represented in entries (the schema defining, for example, object classes and attributes) (see Figure 4.6) How entries are organized and named the Directory Information Tree and hierarchical naming model, which is used to define a single global namespace How information within entries is protected from unauthorized access How the global directory information tree is collectively managed, by splitting into management domains The protocol needed to chain user requests between directory servers The protocol needed to replicate selected information between servers in a managed way such that access control is preserved
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The main trick here is that the strap is made from three separate features. One feature is a revolve that fits the bottom shape of the pin. This feature is part of a part that moves with the fork and pin as they rotate. Another feature is an extrude made from an in-context feature. The in-context relation goes to a dummy part that remains stationary with respect to the rotating fork. And the final feature (really a pair of features) is a loft that goes from the ends of the rotate feature to the ends of the extrude feature. As the fork part rotates, the in-context relation causes one feature to stay still while the other rotates, and the constant rebuilds the MotionManager does make it look like the strap is flexing. You can use the same sort of idea to flex living hinges in plastic parts, or just about anything. A cleaner way to do this is to create planes in the in-context part, and then everything else is sketches. If you can drive the flex illusion with planes, you can get this trick to work in a wide range of situations. You usually wind up needing a loft feature, because no other feature is quite as flexible as a loft. It is possible to sometimes use other types of features, but I like the loft the best.
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Connection managers can also be created based on a data source, which can be very useful to the designer when the package is being developed as part of a project with several packages requiring synchronization of their connection managers. It is also very useful when the source database(s) include a large number of tables or a number of unfamiliar structures.
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rich@testing:~> perl -d test1.pl Loading DB routines from perl5db.pl version 1.3 Editor support available. Enter h or h h for help, or man perldebug for more help. main::(test.pl:1): print This is a test script\n ; DB<1>
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Taking Out the Trash
Figure 4-6: The GNOME menu editor.
FIGURE 17.13 Toolbox settings for the Create Configurations or Create Parts options
However, an astute observer who created a scatter plot from the data might perceive a nonlinear relationship between the variables, as shown in Figure 13.11. The Steam Era concept of CORRELATION does not adequately describe this situation, whereas the methods of Probability Management do, as described in a future chapter. Scatter plots are my favorite way to grasp the interrelationships between uncertain numbers. For my attempt at an intuitive explanation of what COVARIANCE and its cousin CORRELATION mean, visit FlawOfAverages.com.
class MyClass { private var $myvar; public function __construct() { // Use the construtor to set defaults for object properties $this->myvar = Hello World! ; return true; } public function __destruct() { // Perform trash collection if necessary } }
Replacing Normal Text with Anti-Aliased Text (continued)
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