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While coding ef ciency is the most important aspect in the design of any video codec, the transmission of compressed video through noisy channels must be considered. There are many error-resilience tools available in today s video coding standards. A brief review of some of the most relevant tools is provided in the following. Localization The basic principle of localization is to remove the spatial and temporal dependency between segments of the video to reduce error propagation. Such techniques essentially break the predictive coding loop so that if an error does occur, then it is not likely to affect other parts of the video. Obviously, a high degree of localization will lead to lower compression ef ciency. There are two methods for localization of errors in a coded video: spatial localization and temporal localization; these methods are illustrated in Figure 23.12. Spatial localization considers the fact that most video coding schemes make heavy use of VLC to reach high coding performance. In this case, even if 1 bit is lost or damaged, the entire bitstream
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Some recorded TV shows cannot be burned to DVD. For example, shows on pay stations like HBO and Cinemax are referred to as protected content in Media Center. That means Microsoft is respecting the so-called broadcast flag technologies these channels are using to protect the content. The result is that HBO (which owns Cinemax too) and other channels have made the decision that they don t want users copying their content. This means that you can t copy a Media Center recorded version of an HBO show to a portable device, or another PC as well, incidentally. It just won t work.
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Figure 8.16 Parameter S11 in polar format.
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which plug-in is required for a specific type of multimedia content. 11, Using Audio, and 12, Using Video, explain how to add popular plug-ins (such as Macromedia s Flash plug-in) to your system. Firefox also supports a concept called extensions, which refers to extra features that aren t included in the main Firefox browser. Extensions allow you to pick and choose advanced features that can enhance your browsing experience. Select Tools Add-ons to open the Add-ons dialog box, shown in Figure 8-6.
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Virtually everywhere you look, the reviews are positive. With Windows 7, Microsoft has finally provided a technically excellent and lust-worthy desktop OS. It s Vista done right. It s an apology for the mistakes of its predecessor, a technological mea culpa that tries to right the wrongs. Okay, maybe. But we think of it like this. Windows 7 is the finest desktop OS Microsoft has ever released. It benefits from the work that came before, in Windows Vista, and from a strict adherence to principles of simplicity, elegance, and clarity. Microsoft didn t bite off more than it could chew, and instead of the mess of weird bundled applications and capabilities that muddled Windows Vista, Windows 7 presents a much clearer picture. In fact, the more time you spend with Windows 7, the more you realize that Microsoft went over this product with a fine-toothed comb. No code, no bit, no pixel was left untouched. If something could be simplified, cleaned up, tweaked, or made better in some way, it was. All that said Windows 7 isn t perfect. Heresy, we know. But consider the following. While Windows 7 performs better than Windows Vista, it s still slower than XP on the same hardware and less compatible with existing hardware and software, even with the Windows XP Mode solution. We think that s just fine. After all, Windows XP is almost a decade old. More important, the differences are minimal and negligible on newer hardware. Some Windows 7 features will be confusing. The new Windows 7 taskbar hides windows, and the improved notification area hides icons, obscuring the fact that applications are autoloading during boot-time, increasing the amount of time that it takes to boot and killing off value system resources. Finally, if you re coming to Windows 7 from Windows Vista, the change won t seem as dramatic as it will if you stuck with XP. That s because Windows 7 is really just an evolution of Windows Vista. So you can expect more of the same, even though it s a better same if that makes sense. Taken in context, Windows 7 is something special. But just as it s important to understand how to take advantage of its best new features, it s equally important to know where it falls flat so you find workarounds. And when you think about it, that s exactly what this book is all about. We document the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fortunately, with Windows 7, it s mostly good.
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Geometry pattern off Parametrics are patterned
a computer s performance capabilities over an extended period of time.
Figure 5.2.12 X-Ray spectra taken for a Cr (50 %) Ti (50 %) ultra-thin lm (about 10 nm) deposited on a Si substrate at an accelerating voltage of 20 kV at exit angles of 40 (a) and approximately 0.75 (b).38
v1 = z11i1 + z12i2 v2 = z21i1 + z22i2
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Tree elements that affect naming.
Figure 11.20 /4 differential quadrature-phase shift keying signals as function of time for rectangular basis functions (a) and raised cosine basis pulses (b).
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