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To view additional information about any item in the wizard, click the arrow button to the left of the item name (refer to Figure 2-23).
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Let the three given points be A, Band C, and the arbitrarily chosen vertex, X (Fig 13.38). If A is the midpoint of XY, then Y - A = A X and so Y = 2A - X. Similarly the third new vertex Z will be 2B - (2A - X) = 2B - 2A + X. The fourth new vertex, which will be identical to X when the triangle closes, will be 2C - (2B - 2A + X) = 2C - 2B + 2A - X. The result of going round a second time will be that you arrive at the point 2C - 2B + 2A - (2C - 2B + 2A - X)
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Some processes are so fundamental to Windows that you cannot end them using Task Manager. If your computer is completely out of control and Task Manager can t end your woes, your only real option is to restart your computer. You can then either try to duplicate the circumstances for the purposes of filing a bug report with Microsoft, or you can try not to duplicate the circumstances in the hope of avoiding another system lock-up.
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Figure 9-2: This is what you re looking for:
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So you cannot really use a true RAID disk on Windows Vista Professional (or Home for that matter). There are still some fun RAID-related things you can do with your Vista box. For example, you can create a RAID-5 volume on a remote Windows 2000 machine. To do this, it is assumed that you will first know how, and be able, to access a remote computer using the Computer Management module. In the Disk Management module (not to be confused with the Computer Management module above), select a part of the dynamic disk where you will create a new RAID-5 volume. You can then set it up the same way you set up a dynamic disk (detailed earlier in this chapter), and once you re finished, simply disconnect from the Disk Management module.
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Refer to 27 for surfacing information.
2. Select Zoom.
Zoom in or out slider
Creating Graphical Buttons (continued)
Part I: SolidWorks Basics
FigurE 16-22: A new software update is available.
(Current source is 2 digits controlled by voltage Vc from PLL)
Using the Office Hub
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The most popular client-side scripting language is JavaScript. JavaScript is code that s embedded in an HTML web page and runs within the client browser. It can utilize features of the browser, or even of the PC itself, that are not normally accessible from standard HTML code. A common use for JavaScript code is to produce pop-up messages and dialog boxes that interact with the viewer. These are elements that HTML code can t generate. Figure 21-2 demonstrates how a web page embeds JavaScript and sends it to the client.
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